Kyrie Irving clarified that he sees his long-term future at Brooklyn Nets. In the coming summer, the Point Guard could become unrestricted free agent, but apparently does not intend to abandon his buddy Kevin Durant.

“I always went to feel me. I love it here,” Irving emphasized on Saturday before the duel with the Miami Heat. “As soon as the summer is there, we will lead a few conversations. But I will not leave my number 7 at all.”

Thus, the 30-year-old played on his good friend and teammates Durant, who carries the Jersey with the 7 at the Nets. In the Offseason 2019, the duo decided to switch together to Brooklyn. KD has now extended his contract prematurely until 2026.

Irving, on the other hand, could become unrestricted free agent in the summer, provided that he does not draw his player option for 2022/23 in the amount of $ 36.5 million. Then he could sign a new contract in Brooklyn for up to five years and 246 million dollars. Head Coach Steve Nash also explained on Saturday, one is “confident” that Irving will stay.

However, first negotiations for a contract renewal did not get into stock after Irving did not want to vaccinate against the Coronavirus and so far was not available in home games due to a local Regulation in New York City. First, the Nets renounced the seven-time all-star, later in the season they brought him back as “part-time player”. Irving has so far only been in away games on the Court.

Kyrie Irving is looking forward to Nets home debut

Last week, however, the city has repealed the vaccine mandate for the private sector, so that Irving can also bring back home games. In the night on Monday he will celebrate his home debut against the Charlotte Hornets this season.

“I’ve been tweaking for Wednesday or Thursday, because there were times when I was very hopeful and then the air was taken out,” Irving said. “I did not want to be very happy. I try to focus first on the game (against Miami, note d. Red.) But the morning will come at some point and then I’m looking forward to playing again in Brooklyn. “

After the vaccine problem seems to be solved for the time being, the Point Guard wants to look ahead: “Honestly, I signed here in the long run. If I look at my teammates and this organization, then I look at a long-term future and what we can achieve together, We want to build a legacy here and not only play something quickly and then look at. “

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Irving, however, had already announced a few years ago in Boston to stay in the long term, just to switch to Brooklyn shortly afterwards. In the current season, he puts 27.7 points and 5.5 assists at 49.1 percent from the field and 43.0 percent from Downtown.

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Since Irving, however, only comes to 21 missions, the team had always struggled with injury worries and was confused by blockbuster trade by James Harden, the Nets with a balance sheet of 39-35 are only in eight place in the East. Brooklyn will probably have to fight for the playoff ticket in the Play-In-Tournament.