Actually, on the virtual media round of the DFL on Wednesday last questions about the final of the VBL Club Championship has been clarified. Towards the end of the press conference, Christopher Wolschier, Head of Internal Communication and Innovation Communication of the DFL, said the individual competition.

After completing the VBL Open at the end of March, this looks first the play-offs on 7 and 8 May, in which 128 participants fight for 16 finals. 100 players come from the VBL Open, 24 from the VBL Club Championship and four have qualified through the newly introduced community cups.

“If the conditions allow it”

The 16 play-off winners include the 16 finalists of the German FIFA individual championship, which were determined by a top 4-placement of their clubs in the VBL Club Championship. 32 FIFA professionals, only a shell – The successor search for defending champion Umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin will be pursued with tension.

And not just about the traditional live stream and in the free TV, but possibly on site: the DFL is planning the VBL Grand Final as an offline event – under the presence of audience. “If the conditions allow, even with spectators,” Wolschier formulated the objective on Wednesday.

Showdown by 100,000 euros

GCA - One Day 6 (50) - Grand Final - Highton v Newtown & Chilwell

This is strongly assuming that the DFL is already working under high pressure at a corresponding hygiene concept for this project. Already the upcoming finale of the VBL Club Championship celebrates its premiere on the offline stage, but only some press representatives are loaded.

For the Grand Final of the individual competition, the next step is to be done in returning to normal. The final round will be held in the event location XPost in Cologne, 100,000 euros are available as a prize pool pool at the game. Further information about the framework should follow in the coming weeks.