Board of Directors Oliver Kahn The German Record Champion Bayern Munich has complained to the lack of revenue of the Bundesliga from international TV contracts over the English Premier League.

“Here is a landscape disproportion, and solutions from the Bundesliga, how this tremendous difference can be reduced again,” said Kahn TZ / Münchner Merkur.

“Currently, the annual revenue from the International TV Treaties of the Bundesliga amount to less than 150 million euros per year – the Premier League concedes more than two billion euros over the same period,” scared Kahn. In order to continue to be able to keep a sporty with investor clubs, FC Bayern sets a four-point plan.

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According to the Kahn “Sponsoring” as well as “a clever and efficient act on the transfer market and the constant further development of our junior work” are counted. In addition, you wanted to “further expand the closeness and quality relationship with our fans”. The fourth factor is “the ability to victory and mentality that distinguishes the club for decades and the festival is enshrined in the DNA of Bayern”.

If it is possible to successfully act in these areas, “we will experience another sporty and economically successful decade of FC Bayern,” said Kahn.

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