The FC Barcelona celebrated on Sunday evening with the 4-0 in Madrid a kind of “resurrection”, which even Bayern-Profi Thomas Müller enthused. It was truly not apparent who will soon be in the Europa League and who will compete in the Champions League quarterfinals. And if an outsider would have to tap, he would have guaranteed the Catalans as opponents of FC Chelsea and did not figure out of Eintracht Frankfurt.

That’s why Real followed a relentless billing. In their center: Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian took the guilt for disassembly in his own stadium and apologized for the performance. If you would have to compare real defensive with a door, it was already a good deal before the break. After the sideway, she stood upwards – and the pawl was additionally attached to the outer wall.

Ancelotti says Ludogorets to play hard to earn Europa League spot

The pause was the helpless real real, which was largely limited to counterattacks, already with 0: 2 – and was still well served. Ancelotti had to change something, but his experiment with a triple chain failed crashing. Not even 30 seconds after resource whistle Ferran Torres Mutterseelen all a 30 meter long ran on the real goal. One minute later, the outstanding Pierre-emerick Aubameyang presented him the ball with the hoe for 3: 0. Real’s defender stumbled more through the penalty area than defended. Similarly, it looked four minutes later at the 4-0 – Ferran Torres at “Auba” with an Assist – out.

Ancelotti: “I will not make a big drama from it”

Real could be really glad that Barcelona subsequently eliminated several high-arms and then switched back a few corridors. Addressed to his triple chain Ancelotti said: “Sometimes you do it right, sometimes you fail. I failed in this game. But I will not make a big drama from it.”

The bizarre decisions of the Italian accelerated the disaster.


He did not like that, but the Spanish press is known for it. “Ancelottis Harakiri,” wrote the “AS”: “The bizarre’s decisions of Italian accelerated the disaster. Ancelotti played a lot of credit.” On the front page of the newspaper asked: “Black Night”. For the 120th anniversary, Adidas and Real special jerseys had to be made in black – which may not be selling so well now.

The real-close “Marca” wrote: “The best barça is walking against a non-recovering Madrid through the Bernabeu. One of the Face Slapping, which hurts the most.” Routinian Nacho, who had led the royal captain on the field, visually put down to: “The result says everything. It was one of our worst games this season.”

Courtois serves: “That’s not seen in the square”

Sharp criticism came from Keeper Thibaut Courtois, who previously prevented a significantly higher defeat as a best real professional with great parades: “We have given a unacceptable image for this club. Barça has played on Thursday, but you do not have that in the square seen.” If because the outsiders would have to tap again, he would have quite securely set to a higher stress real in the last few days.

Ancelotti, who do not apply the undoubtedly serious failure of Torjäger Karim Benzema (“We have not lost so”) and did not want to discuss an early place for Aubameyang because of whose shin attack against Toni Kroos (“This is not an excuse”), believes to the positive effect of the upcoming country break. Because of the injured, but also because of a mental reset.

Doubts about the will of his player who had broken at the 0: 4 at the latest, Ancelotti did not want to be abandoned. “The attitude was very good, the players were very motivated,” says the real coach, who came to the center of criticism again: “The planning was just not good as I said that.”

Alaba also experiences a bitter evening

A bitter evening also experienced David Alaba. The Austrian, in the first leg of still celebrated scorers and within a few months to the undisputed defense chief at the royal climbed, did not look really good at the first two goals. After switching to triple chain, he acted with the side change as left outside, his offensive accents lively lively lively lively lively lively lively.

But after 90 minutes to forgotten Alaba remained no longer a lot left: As an excusful gesture he raised both hands towards fans.