After Siegen in Boston and Brooklyn, there was a damper for Dallas Mavericks at the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid and James Harden were a number too big at the 111: 101 success for Mavericks, after the break, harden ran hot.

Philadelphia 76ers (43-26) – Dallas Mavericks (43-27) 111: 101 (Boxscore)

Two minutes before the end of the third quarter, the MAVs were still on -3 turned, then James Harden took over the game and led the hosts to play decisions 26: 8-run for just under six minutes in which harden was directly involved in all points (11 Points, 5 assists). The lead was temporarily at 20 meters, which could not even be the comeback kings from Dallas counter.

Joel Embiid saw this only from the bench, before the Cameroonian had carried with 32 points (11/20 FG, 8/9 FT), 8 rebounds and 5 steals, only the 6 part of HaneBüchen Turnover were a small slippage. Hards contributed another 24 meters (6/14) and 13 assists. As a team, Sixers met 42 percent (16/38) from the distance, where Georges Niang (12) was most successful with four transformed threes.

With the MAVs Luka Doncic (17, 5/20, 7 Rebounds, 10 Assists) caught his second-sinkest shooting performance of the season, a Double Double jumped out yet. Best Scorer The MAVs was Jalen Brunson with efficient 24 points (10/14), while Spencer Dinwiddie (12, 4/12, 8 rebounds, 3 steals) was rather cold this time. Maxi Glue (6), after all, turned after four games without triple (0/10) this time two attempts from Downtown, but also had foul problems.

Dallas began again with the Three-Guard-Lineup (Reggie Bullock lacked again with private reasons) and the first minutes were also brunson, who went to the college in Philadelphia and made the first seven points of the game. On the other hand, the Sixers started weak, Embiid took the first litter only after six minutes, but in the episode, but again foul to foul. The guests countered this with hot shooting (6/13 threesome), with harden, on the other hand, little (0/4) went. Nevertheless, Philly was only with a quarter with 26:27 at the back.

James Harden and the Bank bring Philadelphia victory

Without Doncic, Brunson again took over the scepter, temporarily the guard was directly involved in six MAVS buckets. Philly, on the other hand, was fast in the bonus and padded the point account. In addition, the Pick’n’Roll worked magnificently between the harden and Embiid, Dallas had no answer. With a zone defense it became a little better, Embiid now hit throws that just did not defend. With 58:53 in favor of the Sixers we went into the break.

But as in Boston and Brooklyn, the MAVs (first) still stayed in the game. Doncic hardly met something, but now found his teammates. Glue sinked after over 16 minutes drought a threesome again. But even Philly also raised the distance The beat number, harden served three times Georges Niang, with Matisse Thybulle from the distance. Cross-quarter it was a 15: 3-run of the hosts, completed by a stepback threesome of harden over Dinwiddie (91:76).

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The Mavs got up again, but after the hard minutes it was again Embiid, who hit a jump throw from the free-wedline after another. 2:30 minutes before the end, MAVS coach Jason Kidd then also emptied the bank at -13, possibly, because already in the coming night the next away game in Charlotte is. For the Sixers, on the other hand, it continues on the night on Monday against the Toronto Raptors.