Since February 28, 2022 we can explore Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. That a new extension still needs some adjustments in the beginning is clear. Accordingly, players had waited impatiently on the first big patch after the launch. He has now appeared – and in some areas for a lot of fun, in others, the community is roughening the hair: what have the developers have thought of some of the class adjustments? We introduce you to the most important from the Guild Wars 2 patch notes and the new update.

Overview to End of Dragons: Important features and contents of the GW2 extension

Guild Wars 2: Patch Notes with Comfort, Buffs and Nerfs in End of Dragons

  • There are new successes for the jade delivery event in Dragon End.
  • Arborstein has now on the map sights-icons, which makes it easier for example Club and Gasthof.

  • The reward “Memories of Aurene” of the Meta-Event Battle UMS Jademeer was increased.
  • An ad in the Meta Event of Dragon End illustrates which boss you have to devote you by seeing how many life points you have.
  • You can now buy the turtle egg for 200 fonts on dragon-end south of the way to the entrance of the Dragon End area, to unlock the siege turtle in GW2, or rather the necessary collection. But the egg stops in a victory in the meta-event.

  • The meta events of End of Dragons now reward players with a chest of hero chooses. Who creates dragon-end, can get the valuable resource of antique surrounding stone needed for new legendarys.

  • DirectX11: Textures should not be damaged if the DX11 beta is activated.
  • Fishmongers now sell the important mackerel lures in exchange against 5 fine fish fillets
  • Massive Nerfs for Catalyst Elementary
  • Big buff for untamed forest runners

On the official website for the game you will find the full patch notes for Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €). Incidentally, there are new skins for the skiff, the Angel and the siege turtle. These can you get you by exchanging your gold against gemstones or just buys gems, for example on Amazon.

Balance Patch Buffs/Nerfs, New Turtle Method, EoD Bug Fixes - Guild Wars 2 News March 15th 2022
What about this update from Guild Wars? Can you already record more successes in dragon-end? Do you extend less in Arborstein? Is the new forest runner spect worth now for you? And on a scale of 1 to 10 – how much frustrate the catalyst-nerf as elementary magician?

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