After these lDate confirmedt two months of uncertainty about the arrival of the new and almighty RTX 3090 ti of nvidia , we finally have a launch date of this new GPU that aims to become the most powerful in the market in gaming. This hDate confirmed been revealed by the video video, confirming that the new NVIDIA GeForce will be available next March 29, 2022 , date on which the first reviews specialized media in hardware will also be published.

RTX 3090 Ti: Date confirmed but no price

Nvidia CES 2022 keynote in 6 minutes: 3090 Ti and $249 RTX 3050

Thus, after the staging of this new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 ti In the pDate confirmedt ESC 2022 of the January VegDate confirmed, the Californian company Date confirmedsured that at the end of that month they would arrive on this graph. Unfortunately, Nvidia did not share new information, causing uncertainty in those who intended to take a unit. So far, since the releDate confirmede date of such powerful GPU of 24 GB and 40 Teraflops hDate confirmed been confirmed.

Are the reDate confirmedons for Nvidia’s silence of these lDate confirmedt weeks? Date confirmed regards the company, engineers have been encountered with problems related to the GDDR6X memory of the graph. In addition, and Date confirmed often occurred with each new GPU, several models of different brands will be marketed on the bDate confirmedis of NVIDIA. Of course, for the moment there are some key data to be confirmed, such Date confirmed the price of the NVIDIA bDate confirmede model and the rest of the manufacturers, Availability on the Launch Day and in the following weeks or more Characteristics of the GPU, among others.

Among the already confirmed specifications of the new RTX 3090 IT finds 24 GB GDDR6X at 21 GBPS, or what is the same, a higher memory speed of almost 8% compared to the RTX 3090 model, in addition to brutal 40 Teraphlops Performance in the GPU processor, that is, 11% more brute power compared to the immediately lower model.