Since Yousoufa Moukoko belongs to the BVB firmly to the professional team, Bradley Fink is considered a hopeful storm talent in the offspring of Borussia Dortmund. Most recently, the Swiss has already been tested several times in second representation in order to get used to the requirements in the men’s area in the 3rd league. His supervisors are fully satisfied with the most recent development.

On Sunday it was time: With the 2-3 home defeat of the second team of Borussia Dortmund against SV Wehen Wiesbaden, the just 18-year-old Bradley Fink celebrated his goal premiere in German professional football.

“That helps me a lot,” emphasized the junior national player in Switzerland, after all, he had left in his previous four missions still partly thick opportunities.

A normal thing, finds U23 trainer Enrico Maaßen, who in conversation with the “kicker” emphasized that Fink “is always better”. “

In the youngest teams of the BVB, the teenager had previously shot everything short and small and thus recommended for higher tasks. In any case, Maaßen dares a lot to him.

Fink own a tremendous “game intelligence”, lurk “not only in the past”, but also move “very well between the lines”, so the coach, who attests his protégé “still much air”.

BVB: Fink wants to do it like Tigges

In perspective, Fink, who brings a Gardemass of 1.93 meters, ascend into the professional squad. Most recently, Steffen Tigges made ahead of how quickly the jump can succeed.

From the third-league team, the 23-year-old was promoted into the team of Marco Rose, for which he achieved 2021/2022 after all three Bundesliga goals. He had “happiness to be in the right place at the right time,” Tigges set.

Fink wants to imitate him, but first has to get used to the physical circumstances in the 3rd league. There is “everything faster” than in the junior area, and more recently, “no 75 kilo chunks in the back, but one with 95 or 100”, betrayed the Swiss.

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On his way to the Bundesliga selection, Fink is still fully in the plan. He should have been meant as License Player Sebastian Kehl said the “kicker”, “We have some hopeful talents and pursue their development very well.”