The loud cursing after the target penetration quickly followed the joy at Anna-Lena Forster. “It was so scarce and I know, I have a lot of lying down. But Hey, it’s a medal, that’s cool,” said the 26-year-old after rank two in the Super-G at the Paralympics in Beijing on Sunday. Not only the largest medal hopping, but the entire German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) in China still waiting for gold. Nevertheless, the visually impaired Marco Maier and above all the 15-year-old Linn Kazmaier in the biathlon had extremely positive surprises.

She is a world peak driver in Monoski. She has proven that properly.

Friedhelm Julius Courier

The two medals of Forster were scheduled after the weekend. “She is a world-tip driver in Monoski. That’s what she has demonstrated properly,” said Assembly President Friedhelm Julius Courier. “It could have been in the descent as well as now to a first place.” Elf hundredthseconds were missing from the German flag carrier to the Japanese Rivalin Momoka Muraoka in the Super-G. “With the top drivers, this is rather chance,” explained seekers.

Next chance on gold on Monday: “I’m ready”

Chef De Mission Karl Quade was also more than satisfied with the services of the German figurehead. As the “outstanding result” he described the two silver medals. Gold is now called. In your special disciplines super combination and slalom, it is the favorite. “I am ready,” Forster announced. Through a femurhypoplasia, your thigh is greatly shortened, in the shin bones are missing, the right leg completely.

Actually, the athlete of radolfzell wanted to puff something from radolfzell at the beginning of the week. “I was looking forward to a bit of the day’s break,” Forster said. Due to the weather conditions, however, the super-station wagon on the slopes of Yanqing was preferred from Tuesday to Monday. “I hope she is not too disappointed today. She will attack and hopefully then have the quixtche luck,” Quade said.

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Something luck, but above all the long-awaited gold is missing the DBS in China after two competition days. Four times there have been silver so far, also bronze. Even if it is currently only in the medal mirror for the twelfth place, only host country China (16), which could collect more medals (7) and Canada (6) threaded by the war in their homeland than the Germans. “The start is completely okay,” said Quade: “It’s a pity that it has not enough for first place. But settled at the end.”

Bathlets convince

At the beginning, the visually impaired biathlets have already convinced. The 22 year old Maier was completely surprisingly silver at his Paralympics debut. “Not only the shooting services were good, but also the mileage. There can be a lot for the next few days,” leaving quad.

The recent German participant Kazmaier’s 15 years ago ran over the six kilometers even very short past gold. “That was heartfelting,” gewer swarmed the biathlon teenager. “Then the Turbo immediately went off. I was afraid that she drives the guide at the back of the ski. He has a unlikely speed.” On Monday, Kazmaier arrives in cross-country skiing the next coup. “She will attack,” announced Quade.