On Friday afternoon, the Sports Court of the West German Football Association (WDFV) under the direction of his chairman Hubert Jung decided after oral negotiation that the championship game between red-white food and the SC Prussia Münster with 2: the SC Prussia Münster with 2: the SC Prussia Münster with 2: 0 is considered in favor of the SC Prussia. During the game several people were injured after a Böllerwurf out of the Essen fanblock. The Eagle Club was represented in Duisburg by Simeon Scheuermann by the law firm Duvinage from Munich. Red-white food can invoke further appeal against the Association Court against this judgment.

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“We are always glad that the game is considered our favor and the sports court thus followed our legal view. Nevertheless, we do not feel a winner in a game where all the limits of the sporty fair competition were far exceeded. As a sportsmen, we would rather have a sporty decision on the lawn. That our players and our athletic trainer are still struggling with the consequences of the Böllerwurf, underlines the severity of the offense again and we are very glad that the alleged perpetrator could be determined, “commented on sport director Peter Niemeyer, who together with managing director Bernhard Niewöhner, Team Manager Harald Menzel and Player Marvin Thiel, accompanied.

What happened? On the 26th matchday, the regional garden game between Rot-Weiss had to eat and the SC Prussian Münster at the level of 1: 1 in the 75th minute initially interrupted and subsequently canceled. From the home block of the Essen, a Böller was thrown towards the field, which landed immediately behind our substitutes. Two substitutes were so seriously injured that they could no longer have been used. A continuation of the game under regular conditions was therefore no longer possible. After intensive consultations between the clubs and the referee, the game was finally aborted.