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Mesut Özil wants to extend his contract with Fenerbahce

Mesut Özil also wants to continue with the Turkish club after the provisional exclusion from the Fenerbahce Istanbul squad.

Özil certainly does not have to go before, his consultant Erkut Sögüt said the Turkish radio station “Lig Radyo”. Özil stays until the end of his contract and thus for two years in the club. “He wants to make his contribution. He wants to play, he wants to stay 90 minutes on the field,” said Sögüt. But he is currently assured.

A week ago, the Turkish football first division had surprisingly communicated to exclude the 33-year-old German world champion from 2014 from the squad. The same applies to the teammate Ozan Tufan. Sögüt reported in connection with the exclusion of tensions with the coach during a game, when Özil had already been replaced after half.

With the decision of the club, a unpleasant process has begun for both sides. Now you have to wait a final decision on its exclusion.

JOACHIM LÖW KARARINI VERMİŞ OLMALI | Mesut Özil, Vefa Küçük, Uğur Dündar

In November, Regional President Ali Koc had already complained that Özil had to finally focus on his work. “He has to set aside his business affairs and focus more on how he can make the best contribute to Fenerbahce and give his best,” Koc said.

Killing came again in the wilderness! “Waerybody behavior” x “Assassination classroom” collaboration event 2nd is held!

NetEase Games is developed and operated at the very popular Battle Royale game “Woono Act”, and from 10:00 March 31 to April 14, the second collaboration event with the TV anime “Assassination Class” Is held.

NetEase Games is developed and operated at the very popular Battle Royale game “Woono Act”, and from 10:00 March 31 to April 14, the second collaboration event with the TV anime “Assassination Class” We will hold it.

# Killer, new collaboration items with theme of Shiro & Itna appeared!

The collaboration between “assassination classroom” and “wilderness behavior” is the second. All collaboration items appeared in the first collaboration held in August 2021 will be reprinted, as well as many new collaboration items will appear!

Among them, the item of attention is “reproduction costume, disguise killing” that reproduces the appearance that killed. This is a figure that the killer disguised when everyone in the E group went to a school trip. The tentacles of his arms are visible, and it is also reproducible with the true body.

Currently, the revitalization costume of the enemy and Shiro also appeared in this collaboration. As the name implies, it creates a spooky atmosphere with the full-body white sum.

In addition, the motif of the original costume “His jack” is also appeared, which motifs the mascot character that is a mascot character of “wilderness behavior”. The appearance of the killing that can only be seen here is a check.

Fireworks are newly lineup of SP-RN94 with killing. The level is prepared in four levels, and the body of the killer that was fired by the level up is changed to yellow → red → black, and the expression will change accordingly. Fireworks Skin also appeared with AK47 with Shiro & Itna. A white tentacles are designed to get tangled in a white bargain.

Vehicles Skin, killed car skin and jeep skin, and car skins on the theme of Shiro & Itna are available. Killer’s car skin is designed to kill the face of the vehicle body, and yellow → red → black and color change. Take a car that fly around with the highest speed Mach 20 and ride the car and run the wilderness at high speed!

Besides, various collaboration items such as the fellow of the cute deformed killings and the same deformed killing seed rucks, and the bent that reproduces the ballast of the second generation god of death, so please check by all means.

# A special event for a collaboration period limited!

[7 days login event]
Period: March 31-April 14th
During the event, you can only receive special rewards simply by logging in to the game.

[Puzzle Event]
Period: March 31-April 14th
During the event, you can challenge puzzles on the event page using fragments that can be collected in the battle. Completing puzzles can earn special rewards.

# “Assassination classroom”

“Assassination classroom” is a cartoon work by Matsui Yukai, which was serialized from July 2012 to March 2016 at “Weekly Shonen Jump”. In January 2015, the first term television animation was broadcasted in January 2016, and the second phase was broadcasted and was popular.

Has the speed of Mach 20 and a universal tentacle, and in March next year, while declaring it to blast the earth, “killing” that became the teacher of the fall class “End of End of End of End” of Yumigaoka Junior High School., “Killing” assassination mission imposed by “killing” assassination mission to save the earth. The keyword “assassin” is a serious and unique set of students, and the story drawn, and the story that was thoroughly kneaded and the story that was carefully kneaded became a topic, acquired overwhelming support from a wide range of layers.

# What is the “wilderness behavior”

“Waorme behavior” is a Battle Royal game for ios, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, which has been developed and operated by Netease Games. It has a breakthrough of 2.5 billion around the world, and about 100 players are Get down to the last one, let’s fight. If it is connected, you can play with friends anytime, anywhere!

[Hundred dive, survival rate 1%] Hundreds of warriors are getting down to the wilderness!
Vast Vision, Long Distance Sniper, Concertive Behavior, Survival! Can you survive to the end!

“Wilderness Behavior” Official Site: https://www.knivesout.jp/
“Wilderness Behavior” Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/game_knives_out
“Wilderness Behavior” Official LINE Account: https://lin.ee/smrtljx

© Matsui Yukiya / Shueisha / Anime “Assassination Class” Production Committee
© 1997-2022 Neteace, Inc.ALL Rights Reserved

Rogue Light Action “Metallic Child” will evolve significantly with “Sucna DLC” and free Apde. Skills emerge new brilliance

Publisher CREST carried out a large update on March 31, “ Metallic Child ” and delivered new content. Custom has appeared with collaboration DLC with “Sakuna Hime of Early Hey”. In free updates, new play has been added, such as the new mode “Advanced” and “Terminal Creed: Limit Loom Lab”. In this paper, we will introduce the contents of the collaboration DLC and updates ahead of the delivery of content, so let’s introduce the contents. When the conclusion was conveyed first, new play focused on skills has been added to this work.

“Metallic Child” main story re-introduction. Battle and Story for Core

First of all, let’s introduce this work “Metallic Child” again. Since it is an explanation for those who do not know this work, the player can fly to the DLC paragraph. “Metallic Child” is a rogue light core action game that collects core and fights with robots. In the 2086-year-old world, various studies have been conducted in a space laboratory called a lifestrore. Dr. Irean Project “Metallic Child” is also one of such research. He started developing advanced androids, and some research results were born. However, a rebellion by Dr. Irene has occurred. The lifestyle that lost control has followed a falling course to the earth, and a large crash is about to occur.

The main character Rena is an Android girl developed by the project “Metallic Child”. She noticed the rebel Rona starts fighting to prevent her damage while being confused by Dr. Irene, who is her birth parent. But she is not a combat type from her original, she falls into the end of the battle. There, why the game with the game is connected whereabouts, and the player operates the Rena with remote control. The truth of the struggle of android girl struggles and rebels is drawn in the battle.

Rona will fight in the spacecraft to collect the core gem needed to prevent falling. Attack the enemy by the normal attack and skills of the weapon, grabbing and throwing. The purpose is to fight the defense action and movement by weapon and move the boss waiting at the end of the stage and to defeat the staged mounting.

During her Rena’s behavior, her weapon skills and grasp, rolling and guards, defense actions consume batteries. The battery is usually recovered by the attack hit, but if the battery breaks out, the defense action can not be used. To stand up well, it is also necessary to manage battery recovery and remaining amounts by normal attack.

Rena also collects core gems for the big purpose on the story, but in this work, the core is an important standing position in battle. During battle, enemy robots may drop power sources called mini-core. When Rona gets a mini-core, she won random abilities. Although the mini-core has time limit, combat is advantageously advanced by strengthening, such as improvement of the attack power and infinity of the battery.

However, in the minicore, there is also a negative effect called a bug / virus core, and if it is a simple debt such as a decrease in defense and a decrease in attack power, it will fall into a uniform. The change is visited by the mini-core and Merihari is adding to play. Bugs / virus cores include unique things such as reducing screen resolution and Rona, and reinforced materials can be acquired by installing bugs / virus cores. When three mini-core are aligned, the “Core Connect System”, which is triggered, the bug / virus core is also counted, so if you use it well, you can create an advantageous situation.

Other elements include “MC skills”, “MC skills”, which are competing to a powerful technique using a dedicated gauge, so-called Park / Relic equivalent “Super Core”, and “Skill chain” which activated by switching the equipment after skill activation. Many of the three types of categories and different skills are prepared for weapons. Since the above introduction is rough, please refer to the past articles if you want a detailed description (related articles).

A large number of skills have been reproduced, powered DLC

From here, let’s introduce new elements that appear in the 3rd update, including DLC. First of all about the rice and core. The content is a collaboration DLC of “Metallic Child” and “Sakunahime of Earthen”.

■ Earthen Sakunahime What is
Toyo God Sakunahime is a rampage on the stage of “Hinoe Island” dominated by demons!
Various “Takeki”, a brilliant continuous attack and expansion and contracious exhilarating actions by telescopic “Hagata” are expanded.
And another feature of this work is “the creation of rice”.
Courtesy, rice planting, rice planting, harvesting, etc. The more you harvest the rice, the stronger the Toyo God Sakuna!

As the contents, three customers of Sakunahime-style custom and collaboration boss are included. Custom with “Metallic Child” is a set of appearance and special ability. In custom cases recorded in the “US and Core”, Rona will be able to fight Skunahime costumes arranged in the SF-style and fight using a dedicated special weapon. Not only the costume, but also hairstyle and some motion. The figure of the loneliness and gods Lona is different from the usual young Rona. In addition, Rona and Sakunahime, both voice actor’s Aoi Masami is in charge of voice. The character is different but both are looking for a young girl, and it would be no exaggeration that it can operate Sakuna Hime with this DLC.

Within three types of customs that can be used in the introduction of “US and core”, “Fertility and Take Godo” and “Fertility and Takefu-san” in the Challenge the stage with the “Mae”. A battle-type plow is a special equipment based on a hammer. As a common element of “Sakuna Hime of Earthen” collaboration DLC, a skill gauge is provided in a dedicated weapon. Skill gauge rises due to attack hit and decreased by the sham. The skills that are triggered by the accumulation status of the gauge change.

In the battle type, up to about 30% gauge, the torso is hit, and the 30% to 70% is high wave retaining, and the Asterio is activated after 70%. The torso passing is attacking the opponent while rotating. High Wave Returns Long-range attack skills that generate energy like waves. Tenhe is a skill to beat the enemy while rotating in the vertical direction and rotating it on the spot. The same name of the same name in “Sakunahime of the heaven” has been reproduced.

In terms of performance, the torso-passing is easy to use, high wave return is excellent, and the range is excellent, and the Ahe stops the scope and thermal power. Normal attack is a heavy impression because the hammer is based, but both are powerful as skill skills. It will be able to capture even if you maintain dedicated equipment until the first stage. In addition, the difference between “Fertility and Takeshi’s God-of-clothing” and “Toyota and Takeishi’s Gods” will be the presence or absence of a face.

As a custom, when the collaboration DLC “Kokoro Hime” is introduced, “a brilliant god-dress” will be available. While it was a custom that the “Fertility and Take God Real” series was a motif of Sakunahime, “Atsushi’s Godo” is a custom that motifs Kokoro Ohime. When applied, Rona changes to a cool and intelligent atmosphere. Sword & shielding has a special weapon “Atsuno no Ogen”, and the mechanism where the activatable skill changes according to the accumulation status of the skill gauge is common.

However, two types of skills that can be used with the Atsuno no Sword. There are no combat depictions of Cocolo Ohime in the original “Sakunahime of the air” and there are two types of skills that imagined her. Specifically, if the skill gauge is less than 50%, a “mandal gun” is activated, and the energy ball is emitted toward the front. Although the entire motion is long because the gap is long, valuable far-domain attacks are possible.

On the other hand, at 50% or more of the skill gauge, the “machine light wheel” is activated, and the gear is installed in place. From the gear, the energy ball is fired in two directions at short intervals. The duration of the gear is quite long and there are few sets of installation. In addition to the firing in two directions, the core connect system is triggered, and if the core connect system is activated, it has sufficient thermal power in the two directions.

Sword & shield guards can be considered as quite powerful skills, considering that the second half of the motion can be canceled or at the same time. Not only is not only strong, but a long-running installation technique is rare as a skill in this work. It is also along the image of Cocolo Ohime, and has been played in both the appearance of the Sakunahemochief and the appearance of the performance.

Collaboration DLC has several elements other than custom. As a big thing, if you played with “US and core” applied, the so-called info boss equivalent floor boss “Kajan General General General” is a standing. The base is the boss of the same name that fought with Sakunahime in “Sakunahime of the heaven”. In the original, the back feet kicks and the sparrows of the offer were distressing the players, but in this work, we develop approach techniques and energy bullets including rush attacks. A small bird robot also appears, and a variety of attacks arranged in the SF style will be set.

The strength does not change with the conventional floor boss, whether it is set to the above-mentioned custom release condition. How did the stage change to the universe? Such arrangement will be the highlight of the Kanamo general and genus. In collaboration DLC, a hand is also added to the place not to be directly related to the game play. If you fight with robots in the figure of Sakunahime and Cocolo Ohime, the recovery item that appears in the stage and the minicore when carrying the mouth change to the rice ball. Besides, dedicated standby motions and load screens are also prepared. Although a plurality of skills are prepared for dedicated equipment for collaboration DLC custom, unfortunately, it can not be used according to the situation. It is because the accumulation of gauges is fast and it is difficult to aim to decrease. Nevertheless, multiple skills have been prepared for each equipment will be heated to produce.

New mode with significantly enhanced skills Advanced

Not only DLC but also large free updates are also attracting attention. In the update, new modes have appeared in the game. One of them “Advanced” can play the traditional stage with different balances targeted after the main story clear. The normal attack power of the equipment is slightly lower than the basic mode, and instead of the skill attack power increased significantly. Additional enemies in each room have been changed from WAVE unit to sequential replenishment. Within the played range, in addition to the above changes, it was also felt that the number of enemies and the attack frequency themselves were also rising. In the game explanatory text, “Suitable for combat style focused on skills, and the metallic child that the difficulty level has further increased.”

Although the enemy is stronger, it is strong, but still, the strengthened skills hold the key of the capture. Although detailed values are different for each weapon, the skill attack power rises to twice as much as compared to the normal mode, and battery consumption is also reduced. It is because the skill is easier to handle and rely on the attack. In the case of the authors, we decided to change the turn around from the basic mode. That is because I did not use most skills in the normal mode. In addition to normal attacks and skills in this work, there are many attacks such as throwing, field gimmick and MC skills. Among them, the skill consumes the battery and basically has a long gap due to long motion. As a result of using the battery and damage to the balance, it was judged that the battery was not used until the battery is not used, and the normal mode capture did not use the skill.

I think that an example of the author is quite extreme, but Advanced evolves as a power source that has a powerful damage. Values such as weapons and dedicated weapons with powerful skills are also improved, and of course, the decision criteria for the choice are also changed. In addition, it is easy to use the system, such as chain skills that were strong in traditional modes, and strengthening skills with supercares and minicors, and more damage. It has become easy to capture the game with a system or build because strong factors were clear. It is an impression that “Metalic Child” has received a large-scale balance adjustment centered on skills, rather than being suitable for a focusing on skills.

In this update, the enemies are repeated and reinforced, and “Terminal Creed: Limit Laboratory” aims for high score has been added. The basic flow of the game is the same as conventional terminals, such as enemies appear in WAVE and selecting reinforcement of Rona in exchange for enhancements. Terminal and Creed have a clear condition of boss defeat, but terminal-Creed: In the limit laboratory, no enemy appears in the limit laboratory. Sometimes the boss that appears, it is an endless battle mode that earns a score while defeating. Metallic Children, which stands in front of Rona on the story also appears as an enemy, so it’s perfect for trialing your own limit.

Terminal · Creed: When the score 2000 is achieved in the limit laboratory, a custom “Smashing the Battle” that can start the stage with the item that can be recovered only once is released. In addition, as additional elements, weapons involved with powerful skills and “Advanced” conquest have also been added as customs of liberation conditions.

New play appeared focusing on skills

Looking back on additional elements, a majority of collaboration DLC customs prepared by multiple skills, and many elements that focus on skills, such as significantly enhanced advanced modes. Advaced also improves existing weapon skills and strengthening effects, and this work has a new brilliance. In addition, the custom group of collaboration DLC carries a dedicated weapon with multiple skills. Therefore, although it is well active in normal mode, the skill is strongly changed in Advanced. Especially if the Cocolo Hi-Memochief Custom is at the bottom of the battery and thermal power, it was possible to destroy the enemy, even if it was almost installed, so I want you to try it. Generally, a large number of plays focusing on skills in this work has been added to this work.

“Metallic Child” is on sale for Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam / Stove). Collaboration DLC with “Sakuna Hime of Early Hey” is “US and core” that recorded Sakunahime custom, and “Kokoro Hime”, which recorded Cocolo Ohime custom, is delivered for 680 yen. A bundle with a collaboration DLC and a chip of the in-game currency is also being distributed.

Di Salvo: It was extremely much on the game

_ from Israel reports Carsten Schröter-Lorenz _

In the next few days he would like to be one thing: catching up. This told Di Salvo in the digital press conference in the catacombs of the Hamoshava stadium in Petah Tikva. In this March international game phase, the 42-year-old spent much more time on the phone than on the training lawn. Due to the massive failure wave, he was rather poor administrator as a selection coach, which ten days have tailored to his forces.

On Tuesday evening di Salvo was clearly to look at the great relief. For mental and physical exhaustion, joy and pride is proud of this significant victory at the first pursuer, which moves the participation in Romania and Georgia-planned EM finals 2023 within close proximity. The U-21 Chefoach, which has been amorted in October 2021, finally took time for the questions of the time.

time: Mr. Di Salvo, what went through the head, when you last signed so dimensionally strong captain Jonathan Burkardt shortly before the kick-off in Israel, that he can not play?

Antonio di Salvo: I just wanted to make the last cabin approach and have heard with one ear, as Johnny came in and something in the direction “does not work,” said. ” Since the antennas were extended directly. 30 seconds later our team doctor came and said Johnny can not play. There was no time to moan or ask, but only the thought, who is the next 1. Then luckily, Jan Thielmann put into the game, which gave the template to the crucial gate.

How is Burkardt?

He felt a muscular hardening at the back of the thigh. The last feedback of our doctors is that luckily nothing happens, nothing is torn. But Johnny had remembered that he possibly remotely lost after the first sprint and makes us the first change option. That was an experience for him and for his personality a step, because he made a decision that was important to the team. That was difficult for him, but he did just right.

If I’ve seen how the boys have acted as a team, how many meters this team has put off in this game, that’s unbelievable.

Antonio di Salvo

What did you think about the Burkardt failure as the summit of the recent personnel dizers at the moment of the final whistle?

I thought at first, that can not be because I had just heard from the bank, it’s still to play 30 seconds. I had to listen three times and look to feel a great relief. It was extremely much on the game and could have been on the other hand. I am unbelievably proud of the team because they stood under pressure and knew, with a defeat, the first place in the group is g1. Our victory is not undeserved, but Israel has asked us everything. We could not have complained with a draw and possibly in a narrow defeat.

What did best have fallen on the appearance of your team?

We have analyzed the first six games of this cycle from September to November 2021. We have often talked extremely often that we have to show heart on the place that willingness to play. If I’ve seen how the boys acted as a team, how many meters this team has put off in this game, that’s unbelievable. On the basis of such running values you can show, these are the basics and with these basics you gain games.

Despite the victory – where are the biggest deficits?

I just do not want to talk great about deficits. At the end, I do not know exactly how many players have missed and how the team would have looked when we had been complete. It is perfectly clear that a team has to find himself. We had little possibilities to train processes. We played Friday against Latvia, on Saturday in the player’s record training only ten players exercise, on Sunday you can not do so much two days after the game and then end training. That’s why virtues and values such as team spirit and readiness are in demand in such situations.

Especially in the first half has partially the body language of Malik Tillman and Ansgar Knauf, which have been visible to ball losses or referee decisions, instead of directly replicate, would not be fitted in the otherwise good overall picture of their team. Did you address that at half time?

I have already addressed that from the outside during the game. You have to be careful as well as I find that the referee has shown a good performance. Rather, I have said the team in the break that we will not get many situations in the offensive and that was the same. But the few situations must be pulled through. That was not the case in the first half often, now we are at things that it is important to improve.

Please explain what you concrete.

Both on the left and on the right we had two, three scenes in which we have to be a great dealer if we want to achieve a goal. If we are past an opponent, we are not allowed to go half the fight and go inside again, but with full power towards Gate. At our hits, Jan Thielmann did it outstanding, shaken the opponent, was sprinted forward and was not left al1. Noah Katterbach also has a sprint and has pulled the action up to the goal.

I’m totally humbly approaching the tasks, while we know that we have made a huge step, but not quite enough.

Antonio di Salvo

How valuable was on the other Armel Bella Kotchap in the internal defense?

Everyone in the stadium and in front of the TV has seen how important he was. We got him, because he is in Bochum in the square a scary presence in the square. I hoped for that he can help with his robustness and speed of the team. He has clarified some situations with his pace, continued to rescue and in the end still blocked a shot. It was a really good performance.

Now the EM ticket is only one point away on the silver tray.

Ignazio Di Salvo | Youtube Backing Tracks JAM#1 | Mellow Soulful Groove Guitar Backing Track in F

It is definitely nice that it is tangible. But I can count, there are still six points in two games to be awarded. Finally, we play in Poland and Poland must win to true the opportunity to become second. And Poland was against Hungary, our next opponent at home, even back to the 95th minute. The games must first be won. I’m totally humbly approaching the tasks, knows that we have made a huge step, but not quite enough.

They were in the five years before CO trainers of Stefan Kuntz, have brought the EM title twice and were once with the U 21 second. Each time these very different teams have developed enormously over the two years before the tournament. What can such a fabricated work victory against heated backdrop against an aggressive-intense opponent effect for the current generation?

It strengthens the belief that a team that works with great team spirit can achieve extremely much. In addition, the boys have a good quality. This victory, the entire constellation in these difficult ten days are extremely valuable for the development of this team.

After 280 days forced break: Thiem returns with defeat

Dominic Thiem Return Practice Before Match vs Cachin - Marbella Andulacia Open 2022

The US Open Champion of 2020 was lost on Tuesday at the Challenger Tournament in Marbella in the first round with the Argentine Pedro Cachine with 3: 6, 4: 6. Thiem (28) had no tennis match since June 2021. Most recently, he had to move his return several times because he did not feel completely fit yet. Against cachin, number 228 in the world, Thiem had to be beaten after 81 minutes. ## After more than a year break: Wawrinka starts with defeat There was also a start-up defeat for the Swiss Stan Wawrinka. The three-time Grand Slam Tournament winner lost the Sweden Elias Ymer 2: 6, 4: 6. The 37-year-old Wawrinka had no match for some injuries even more than a year.

Westphalian messages rise to the eagle partner

Whether at home games, away games or testing matches. Whether during training camps, press conferences or annual general meetings: The Westphalian news has been a faithful companion of the SC Prussia Münster for decades. By reporting first-hand, a connection has emerged, which underlines the cushioning daily newspaper of the Münsterland for over 20 years as a partner of the sports club. For this purpose, the WN has been sponsoring at Hammer Straße since 2004 and will expand this commitment in the future as an eagle partner and extend the long term – regardless of where the way for the Prussia continues in summer.

“We are very happy about this support and are proud that the Westphalian news uses us as a partner in this crucial period of the season.”

Sports Director Peter Niemeyer

A strong sign, which also appreciates sports director Peter Niemeyer: “We are very happy about this support and are proud that the Westphalian news uses us as a partner in this crucial period of the season. For us, this is an important and clear sign that we are on the right path and, together with our partners, want to continue league independently. “

“With the continuation of our cooperation, we want to support the positive development of the association this season and beyond.”

WN Managing Director Marc Number Man

For Marc Number, Managing Director of WN, the support is especially important at this stage in which the outcome of the season is still open, especially important: “We stand for trust, reliability and regional connectedness. Both our customers and our partners. For many years we are already involved for the SC Prussia Münster. With the continuation of our cooperation, we want to support the positive development of the association this season and beyond. “

FC Bayern, News and Rumors: Slee

The FC Bayern apparently plans for the coming season with Benjamin Pavard as a Slee replacement in the defense center. Marc Roca probably woke up the interest of Real Betis. And three Bayern players were able to convince with DFB under their ex-coach Hansi Flick. There are news about FC Bayern here.

There are Bayern News from the previous day.

FC Bayern, rumors: Süles successor is supposed to be so certain

FC Bayern Munich is apparently plans for the coming season with Benjamin Pavard as a Slee replacement in the defense center. This reports the Sport picture on Wednesday. Accordingly, the Frenchman should then engage in the right-to-death position. That was also “for a long time” desire, it says.

After David Alaba (Real Madrid) and Jerome Boateng (Olympique Lyon) last summer, national player Niklas Süle will leave FC Bayern in the upcoming transfer period to freeze free. A replacement transfer is currently not planned to the report.

Bayern Munich Confirmed Transfers and Rumours January 2022
Over the past few weeks, rumors were repeatedly on a new central defender: Andreas Christensen (FC Chelsea), Nico Schlotterbeck (SC Freiburg) or Matthias Ginter (Borussia M’Gladbach) should have been candidates.

FC Bayern, rumor: Real Betis wants to borrow Marc Roca

Marc Roca from FC Bayern Munich has aroused the interest of the Spanish traditional association Real Betis, according to the same media reports. In conversation is a lending of the midfielder, who rarely used in FCB.

According to the radio station Canal sur radio, talks have already been took place between the two clubs. Betis wool Roca not only borrow, but also secure a purchase option. Sport1 Meanwhile, confirmed the fundamental interest of Andalusians, negotiations would not have existed.

All the backgrounds to this read here.

Bayern transfers: Roca before lending to Spain?

FC Bayern, News: Bayern Trio convinces in the “classic”

At the test match against the Netherlands, the DFB-EC eleven on Tuesday evening did not go beyond a 1: 1 draw. Three Bayern players were able to convince hansi flick under their ex-coach.

In addition, Thomas Müller is equally equally associated with his 43th gate in the DFB Dress in the eternal scorer list with Uwe Seeler. Müller (112 games) now occupies Seven, Seelers but only needed 72 missions for this brand. Record trackers remains Miroslav Klose with 71 goals in 137 games.

The notes to Germany game.

DFB notes: Bayern trio convinces – Chelsea storm weak this time

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FC Bayern: The upcoming games

Date Time Competition opponent
2. April 2022 3:30 pm Bundesliga SC Freiburg (A)
6. April 21 o’clock Champions League FC Villarreal (A)
9. April 3:30 pm Bundesliga FC Augsburg (H)
12. April 21 o’clock Champions League FC Villarreal (H)
17. April 3:30 pm Bundesliga Arminia Bielefeld (A)

ECA begrüßt Reform des Financial Fair Play

The European Club Association ECA has welcomed the upcoming reform of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) by UEFA. “The new rules should ensure that the issue are better to control, while investments are promoted,” said the ECA chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi at the General Assembly in Vienna: “The new rules must be simple, fair, transparent and enforceable “

In the past, the FFP proved to be vulnerable because the rules could be bypassed. The approximately 240 members strong ECA, which belong to numerous Bundesligaes such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen, has significantly contributed to the FFP succession scheme.

Hélène Rey:

“In this process, many different interests had to be taken into account. It was important to us that there is no freefores for dubious economies. We have to live against the background and we can live as a Bundesliga with the compromise achieved,” said Fernando Carro, chairman of the management from Bayer Leverkusen, on SID request. The results still need to be appropriated by the Executive Committee of UEFA.

Most recently, several media had reported that UEFA wants to decide on the modernized FFP in April. Thus, the clubs allegedly no more than 70 percent of their revenue for transfers, salaries and consulting agencies may spend. But a salary upper limit required by many sides should not exist.

A difference between revenue and expenditure should be able to balance an external donor in the future at a height of up to 30 million euros per season. So far, it is basically ten million euros per season. It should therefore not give the unlimited influx of investor allowance dreaded mainly by German clubs.

Bavaria Board Boss and ECA Vice Oliver Kahn had finally expressed the hope that the FFP reform can at least slow the steadily rising spiral for salaries and transfer sums.

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  • Association Chief threatens Juve with league exclusion
  • All the games of the Africa Cup there are live at sportdigital.de

The ECA has also decided to help the war home-pointed people in Ukraine with a million euros. With this “first financial contribution”, the various initiatives of the ECA member associations are to be supported.

Premier League: Sale of FC Chelsea probably already in April

Final bids for Chelsea takeover to be submitted by April 11
The sale of the Champions League winner FC Chelsea should go to the stage according to a report of the “Times” in April. As the British newspaper reported to US Bank Raine reported, the preferred bidder will be presented in the week from 18 April. Four bidders were therefore still in the race for the English Football Club. You have to give your final commandments until April 11th. RAINE and the Chelsea Responsible will then choose their preferred candidates. The British Ministry of Finance then decides whether a license is granted for the sale. Raine has been commissioned by Chelsea with the settlement of the sale. The Russian club owner Roman Abramovich, who had taken over the Premier League club in 2003, had been occupied by alleged links to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin by the British government with hard sanctions. The decision to sell Chelsea, the billionaire had made a short time ago.

Dirk Nowitzki without concrete plans: Im still in an intermediate phase

Dirk Nowitzki has no concrete future plans even three years after the end of his big NBA career. “I’m still in an intermediate phase, where I try something a bit,” said the German basketballidol on Tuesday in Cologne: “I’m not ready to commit myself for one thing.” In addition, Novitzki talked about Rookie Franz Wagner.

“At some point something will happen,” said the 43-year-old. But there is a lot of fun, “to spend time with the children, which are also in sports”. The Würzburger has a daughter and two sons with his wife Jessica.

Novitzki, in his role as ambassador for the EM 2022 (1 to 18 September) in the cathedral town, will intensify at least the work in his former club in Dallas in the future. “It’s obvious that I’m involved in the Mavericks,” said the NBA Champion of 2011: “At the moment I am in the advisory role.”

In addition, Nowitzki Chairman is the game commission at the World Association Fiba. Most recently, the Würzburger at the headquarters in Mies / Switzerland was a guest and took part for the first time as a member of a board meeting. “We are asked, can bring input,” said Nowitzki’s tasks. “It’s fun, and I’m learning a lot.” It was “13, 14 old players” involved.

Nowitzki has always stressed that he can not imagine a coaching career. Apart from that, the former star player did not exclude anything.

Dirk Nowitzki “Franz Wagner has all surprised us”

Rookie Franz Wagner has left at Novitzki with his achievements in the NBA great impression. “Franz has all surprised us, he plays a great season,” Novitzki said, “He is an incredible all-round player at his age.”

The Berlin Wagner (20) comes in his first NBA playing time on average of 15.4 points for Orlando Magic and has convinced so far on a whole line. His older brother Moritz (24) is also playing for the Team of Florida, both belong to the many candidates for this year’s European Championship (1 to 18 September).

James Harden was supposed to provide this missing element to 76ers - Tim Legler | Get Up
“If everyone is ready, we would have been available seven NBA players,” said Novitzki, who will be present as an EM ambassador in Cologne (preliminary round) and Berlin (final round): “I hope we play a great European Championship in the home country “

In the German cabin, the 43-year-old is expected to be found during the annual highlight. “It’s not planned at the moment that I’m in the team. That’s not my thing,” said Nowitzki. Already at the 2019 World Cup in China, he kept it that way.

Dirk Novitzki: DHB has “a lot of potential”

The German national team has “a lot of potential. The boys played a great summer. They were at Olympia, which nobody had thought before,” says Novitzki, “I think we did a step forward.”

Success does not guarantee that for a long time. “Are they all fit? Fits the team well together?” That’s important questions about every tournament. Of course, “A Queen Happiness” also belong to “always with them”.

The selection of the German Basketball Federation (DBB) meets in late summer in the preliminary round on France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary. Four teams come into the second round. “It’s a heavy group that I have expired,” Nowitzki.

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A real tournament favorite does not give it. “France is in front of Spain is always there,” said Nowitzki. The lucky charm also trusts the DBB team too: “If it goes to Berlin, everything is possible.”

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