When a videogame becomes popular enough, it often inspires Spin-offs, and these can present a very different gameplay than the original. It seems that this is the plan for _porte in the light of the day. Developer Behavior Interactive, since the company has apparently presented a registered trademark for the title «Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating SIM». The trademark was shared at the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subnetdit and then on Twitter by @leaksdbd. While the trademark seems legitimate, readers must take this possible filtration carefully until we obtain the official confirmation of Behavior Interactive.

The trademark can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

If this brand really is for an porte in the light of day game derived, it will be very interesting to see how this is developed! As expected, the answers to the previous Tweet are full of comments of _porte in the light of the day. Anxious fanatics for having a romance with classic villains of horror films such as Michael Myers, Ghostface and Sadako. Of course, none of them look like an ideal couple. Ghostface is of the type constantly popping his phone, while Michael Myers is of the type he responds and says nothing (just ask Laurie Strode). Sadako could be the perfect candidate to snuggle in front of the television, as long as she is not trying to kill you; Maybe that element will also play in the game! Surprisingly, nobody seems to have mentioned Pinhead, even though all his series focuses on him trying to find that special person.

While it is fun to think about classic terror villains that appear in a dating simulator, it seems much more likely that the game focuses on the day’s light, the original characters of, instead. That would leave the players with villains like The Artist, The Hillbilly and The Twins. Regardless of who appears, it definitely seems the kind of thing that could be very fun, if it is done well. If this is really happening, let’s hope that Behavior Interactive does not wait too much to fans for some kind of ad!

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