Italy’s Football Prescription Club Juventus Turin has secured the services of attacker Dusan Vlahovic.

Dusan Vlahovic: Wie gut ist Juves neue Tormaschine? | SPORT1 - TALENT WATCH
The Serb Top Talent signed at his 22nd birthday after the successful medicine closure at the table. This announced Juve, but did not give any information on the contract period and the transfer fee. Allegedly, the Turin’s 70 million euros pay to the AC Florence.

Vlahovic is often compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and has scored 17 goals in the current series A season, with Juventus, he should close the gap resulting from the change of Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United). His contract in Florence ran until summer 2023. Vlahovic receives Ronaldos former back number 7.

“Our annual turnover is 75 million euros, so we can not risk losing it without transfer,” said Florence Director Daniele Prade this week. Should Juventus pay 70 million for Vlahovic, it would be the highest transfer fee in the history of Serie A for a transfer in the winter break. The previous record dated from January 2019 – at that time, the AC Milan paid 40 million euros for Lucas Pequeta to the Brazilian Club Flamengo Rio de Janeiro.