The 1st FC Nuremberg has already lost under Robert Klauß a few times clear, a 0: 5 as on the last matchday against Ingolstadt, however, there was never before the 37-year-old. “At the beginning of the week it was still felt, that’s no result, what you want so often,” Klauts gave insight into the emotional world at the Valznerweiher. After two days work-up by “many conversations” and “one or the other video”, however, the club has focused on the Karlsruher SC from Wednesday – “An advantage in such a long week,” says Klauts.

In the Badern, the Club coach expects another game anyway, “Karlsruhe has an active approach and even the ball,” Klauts said at the press conference on the coming opponent, on which the club on Saturday afternoon (13.30, live! Klauts gave) meets. “Over the outside, you have a lot of pace and with Benjamin Goller a player who suits you well,” says Klauts.

In order for the KSC, who is not even repeated against self-confidence, a disaster as against Ingolstadt after the last two defeats, the focus was especially on the game against the ball during the week. A unity was designed according to Klauts on the pressing He said the hair-raising mistakes against the FCI. “If we lose the balls, then in Zones where we do not hurt us. That’s what we did well before Ingolstadt.”

Sörensen fit again

Fabian Nürnberger last made a variety of those painful ball losses, for him will probably start Johannes Geis again at KSC, which Nuremberg against Ingolstadt had already replaced after 22 minutes. Also a return to the center field is conceivable. Definitely returned to the starting eleven will become Asger Sörensen, who was represented against Ingolstadt for muscular problems of Mario Suver.

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Florian Hübner also makes further progress, according to Klauts, the central defender is now fully integrated into team training. “Now we look what the shoulder reacts to it. But for the weekend he is not an issue yet.”