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IOC demands exclusion of athletes from Russia and Belarus

** An appropriate recommendation spoke the top of the International Olympic Committee on Monday to all world associations and organizers of sporting events. Background are the sanctions in the course of Ukraine war against Russia and its allies Belarus. In addition, the IOC KremlinChef Vladimir Putin and other Russian top politicians recognized the Olympic Order in gold awarded them in the past.

The executive of the IOC made his decisions “with a heavy heart”, it was said in a message. Although the Olympic movement wanted to stand over all political conflicts, the war in Ukraine now put them in a dilemma. Many Ukrainian athletes could no longer participate in sports competitions because of the attack on their country, while this was possible for Russians and Belaruses. Therefore, one had come to the decision to demand an exclusion of athletes from Russia and Belarus to maintain the integrity and security of competitions.

Russia-Ukraine conflict: EU denounces Belarus overturning non-nuclear status | FULL

DOSB joins

Where this is not possible at short notice or legal reasons, these athletes should not be allowed to participate in their flag or hymn, but as neutral athletes or teams. Shortly before, the German Olympic Sports Bund (DOSB) had been pronounced for such a step.

From the ranks of the sports community, the pressure on organizations such as the IOC and the Football World Association FIFA has become increasingly stronger. In an open letter from Ukrainian and international athletes as well as associations, IOC President Thomas Bach and Paralympics boss Andrew Parson had been asked to suspend Russian and the Belarusian Olympic and Paralympic Committee. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supported by Belarus, is a clear violation of the Charter of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – a violation that must be punished with strict sanctions,” it said in writing.

FC Liverpool: Thiago Alcantara violates

Thiago Alcantara has hurt his FC Liverpool against FC Chelsea when warming up the League Cup final. In the startTELF, the 30-year-old Spaniard was replaced at short notice by Naby Keita, the beginning of the game he pursued under tears.

Liverpool-Keeper Alisson Becker, which is represented in the national trophy competitions of Caoimhin Kellher, comforted Thiago on the bench. Liverpool won the final after a 0-0 in the regular playing time and extension in penalties at 11:10. Extra for penalty shooting Chelsea-Keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga decisively awarded.

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Thiago Alcantara in TEARS After an Injury in Warm Up Against Chelsea in EFL Cup Final ????

The longtime player of FC Bayern Munich Thiago had already had to fight with several injuries during his career. This season he had to fit for calving and most recently because of hip problems. He celebrated his comeback only in early February. For Liverpool he was therefore only in 20 competitive games in the square.

Christian Eriksen to comeback at Brentford: “I am a happy man”

Christian Eriksen has given his comeback on the football court in the game of FC Brentford against Newcastle United 259 days after his cardiac arrest. After the game, the Dane emotionally commented on his return to the lawn.

“If you ignore the result, then I’m a happy man. After everything I’ve been through, is a great feeling,” said Eriksen after the game.

Eriksen gave his comeback in the 52nd minute when he was brought to the Danes for Mathias Jansen from Brentford coach Thomas Frank. Jansen had taken after Eriksen’s collapse at the EM whose place at the Danes. The viewers rose from their places and applauded, just like the players on the court – a goose bump torque. Brentford was already in arrears at this time with 0: 2, finally remaining.

“The coach did not say much to me before the game,” Eriksen said. “He wished with good luck and meant that I should enjoy the game. To play at Brentford, something special has been very special since day 1. I got a lot of help and the club has taken care of me well.”

“Everyone is here today. My family, parents, children, mother-in-law and even a few doctors who have supported me on my way,” heiksen continued. “What these people had to go through all is still harder than everything I had to go through.”

???? CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN RETURNS TO THE FOOTBALL PITCH | Brentford 0 Newcastle United 2 | Premier League
As a result of his cardiac arrest at the European Championship game between Denmark and Finland (0: 1) On 12 June of last year, a defibrillator had been used. That intervention prevented the continuation of his career at Inter Milan, as it is prohibited in Italy playing with defibrillator. In Brentford, Eriksen found a new home.

“I can remember it exactly,” Eriksen said in the run-up to the game about his cardiac arrest at the EM. “Except for the minutes in which I was already heaven.”

Christian Eriksen: Thomas Frank enthuses after comeback

His coach also expressed himself after the batch of Eriksensen’s remarkable comeback. “I believe for anyone who has something to do with football was a special moment,” Frank explained. “He was greatly received by the fans and hopefully he can only talk about football in the future.”

“I had the privilege to watch him closely in training in the last three weeks,” the trainer continued. “There you could realize a lot of his brilliance, as he plays the ball behind the chain and the passports he does. He is a great player and will help us with his class enormously.”

After a final whistle, Eriksen turned a small round through the stadium, the Brentford fans pushed their disappointment about the defeat and celebrated their heroes.

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Are you working on a Dead by Daylight quote simulator?

When a videogame becomes popular enough, it often inspires Spin-offs, and these can present a very different gameplay than the original. It seems that this is the plan for _porte in the light of the day. Developer Behavior Interactive, since the company has apparently presented a registered trademark for the title «Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating SIM». The trademark was shared at the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subnetdit and then on Twitter by @leaksdbd. While the trademark seems legitimate, readers must take this possible filtration carefully until we obtain the official confirmation of Behavior Interactive.

The trademark can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

If this brand really is for an porte in the light of day game derived, it will be very interesting to see how this is developed! As expected, the answers to the previous Tweet are full of comments of _porte in the light of the day. Anxious fanatics for having a romance with classic villains of horror films such as Michael Myers, Ghostface and Sadako. Of course, none of them look like an ideal couple. Ghostface is of the type constantly popping his phone, while Michael Myers is of the type he responds and says nothing (just ask Laurie Strode). Sadako could be the perfect candidate to snuggle in front of the television, as long as she is not trying to kill you; Maybe that element will also play in the game! Surprisingly, nobody seems to have mentioned Pinhead, even though all his series focuses on him trying to find that special person.

While it is fun to think about classic terror villains that appear in a dating simulator, it seems much more likely that the game focuses on the day’s light, the original characters of, instead. That would leave the players with villains like The Artist, The Hillbilly and The Twins. Regardless of who appears, it definitely seems the kind of thing that could be very fun, if it is done well. If this is really happening, let’s hope that Behavior Interactive does not wait too much to fans for some kind of ad!

Would you play an port in the light of the day quote simulator? Do you think the game would need licensed characters? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Zorya: criticism of celestial sisters

Zorya: the criticism of the heavenly sisters

In Zorya: The Celestial Sisters, a cooperative puzzle game created by Madlife Entertainment, two players must solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles using their intelligence and communication. There are some unique situations to cross in Zorya, as well as neat systems and a decent history. But it is braked by capricious controls and a slow rhythm. A particular player finds herself in long periods of waiting.

A story of sisters

The story speaks of two Godsses, Aysu and Solveig, whose mission is to meet. The bottom line is that you have to cure the world once the two sisters have finally gathered. This sets up vanity for most puzzles. Solveig (the goddess of the sun) must manipulate the hour of the day so that the goddess of the night Aysu can cross each area with care without burning and grasping an essence to complete the level.

There are also collectibles to find on the way and often worth it because they will unlock bonus areas. These lateral sections have new mechanisms to spice up the game. While my girlfriend and I were a little tired of the main puzzles, some of these secondary missions were a fun diversion to accelerate the pace.

As Solveig, you get an overview of the map and the ability to control daylight. It’s your job to guide aysu where she has to go. As Yesu, your view is in the third person and you are the boots on the ground. Your job is to move, push and pull as and when, while getting the knowledge of your Solveig sister’s card.

It sounds like the right combination on paper, but according to our experience, it has often led one of us to wait for the other to do something so that we can discuss the next part. Solveig would need time to review the card and you will end up follow the instructions of Asyu, removing your agency to help solve puzzles.

Backy Controls

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters - Official Launch Trailer

This is aggravated by capricious controls. As Issu, I often fell to death and it did not seem to me often just when I sailed in areas. Solveig is struggling with a camera that does not cooperate often and markers that do not really help you to find its way. In our time, it was more frustration than cooperation. There has been a lot of accidental falls and deaths due to strange control movements or camera problems, forcing us to start again from the beginning.

These controls do what seems to be simple puzzles, sometimes a test and error test where you hope the best to get the precision you need.

A great artistic style and a visual plume to help give life to the world of sisters. The animations leave a little to be desired. But the variety of landscapes represented in pictures are really standing out. Music is also mainly soothing, helping to emphasize the world’s visuals.

While Zorya: the sister Calesteles enigmas will potentially interest the enthusiasts of the genre, those who are looking for a cooperative game on sofa in which to sink really will want to reconsider. It takes two solutions for both players to be part of the puzzle, dividing and often bringing together players in a unique way.

Zorya has trouble maintaining a balance between the two players. This usually leaves someone in the cold checking his phone to spend the time. If you and a friend like puzzles, there is charm here and it’s worth a glance. There are a number of puzzles here and content on which you can continue to come back.

Carl Zeiss Jena II wins tough game in Martinroda

There was no football leaks, which the FSV Martinroda and the FC Carl Zeiss Jena II offered on Tuesday evening. Again and again the game was already interrupted in the initial phase by smaller fouls. Accordingly, the mood was heated under the spectators after a few minutes. Jena profited early from a penalty and went after eight minutes by Hagemann, who did not miss the opportunity, in the lead. The Hommelf sprayed in the first round if only from a distance or after standards a touch of goals hazard. But Carl Zeiss burned offsensively no fireworks on this evening. The nickers on the square piled up after half an hour and referee Schlömann had to calm down the minds after a packing, first with three yellow cards.

Oberliga Süd: FC Carl Zeiss Jena II - FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt | Sport im Osten | MDR

At the overall impression nothing changed after the pause tea. There was still no beautiful football game in the Nebelt Martinroda Sportpark. After just under an hour, both teams gathered for the second time in the pack after a guest actor remained at the ground at a pressing blow. The referee also kept the rest in this situation. Little later worried BrnDevski (69.) for Jena the preliminary decision. Martinroda did not want to talk to the 0: 2 and now woke up. But ultimately, there was also a nearly ten-minute extra – horack looked at the 79th minute the traffic light card – the FSV not to go to the connection or even kept countable in Martinroda.

The FC Carl Zeiss Jena II mixes again in the championship race after 2: 0, even if the Thuringians, of course, have two games more than the league leader on the hump. Nonetheless, Jena is on a counter on the FSV Budissa Bautzen. For final light Martinroda, the situation remains precarious, the residue on the possibly saving relegation rank is still six points.

2K Games: Message: Lego

As reported with the plans of the company, 2K Games and Lego have signed a partnership, which should include several Lego sports games.

The beginning makes a Sumo Digitally developed LEGO football game, which should appear to the football World Cup this year. This is followed by a Lego-Open World racing game of Visual Concepts, whose publication is considered 2023. In addition, another Lego sports title should be in development based on a large sports franchise.

According to the sources Plane 2K Games its sports offer, which currently consists of WWE and NBA titles, to expand and see Lego as the perfect partner to address younger players.

For the video game division of LEGO breaks with the deal a new era. Previously, the popular building block company had an exclusive deal with TT Games for years. The British Studio has developed various Lego titles since 2005, which often spread on licenses of well-known brands such as Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter.

TT Games should even have a veto right in terms of lego titles from other game developers. As reported, LEGO plans this type of agreement, however, does not continue to continue.

!Game of Bricks LED for LEGO!
Neither 2K games nor Lego has officially officially expressed the reports.

After outraster against Hellas: lock and fine for Mourinho

The Sports Court of Italian Serie A has blocked As-Rome coach José Mourinho for two games and condemned a fine of 20,000 euros. Shortly before the end of the game last Saturday at home against Hellas Verona (2: 2) the Portuguese “serious allusions” expressed in the direction of the referee, the judges judged on Tuesday. With lined thumb and small finger, he imitated a phone call. Since he has not expressed himself, it can only be coated, whereupied.

Mourinho have also reached the playing field threatening. As a result, referee Luca Pairetto showed him the red card. The trouble was not smoke after the game, because allegedly, Mourinho has taken the impartial after the final whistle in the cabin to the chest.

The trouble went back to the four minutes of reflection time. For Mourinho – the “Special One” – that was too little after his team had previously caught up a 0: 2 residue.

It did not stay with a barrier

Jose Mourinho bemused that Eden Hazard hasn't won the Premier League Player of the Month award
Romas Torwart coach Nuno Santos also locked the court for two games because he insulted the referee towards the end of the game. Fitness coach Stefano Rapetti came with a game barrier and 5000 euros punishment of it, he has rejected the bank of Hellas “Blasphemisch”. Club Manager Tiago Pinto was closed until 8 March, because after graduation in the player’s tunnel the impartial assault. He apologized later.

2K is going to make the soccer game that we have been asking for years, but it is not what you expected

One of those news that has left us with his mouth open. We have been asking for a 2K ** football game for years and finally they will do it… although based on the LEGO universe. That is what they count from VGC in an exclusive news, where they indicate an agreement between the Toy brand and the video game publisher.

Apparently, fruit of this agreement will start a production of games that will exploit a sports line with these charismatic characters. Thus, they indicate that this path will start with a soccer game developed by Sumo Digital , Studio with extensive experience and whose last work is Sackboy: Big Adventure.

There will be more, and will continue with a “Open World Lego racing game” that is already under development under Visual Concepts, responsible for the WWE 2K saga. Of course, the change is drastic, but the proposal seems interesting and simple. Come on, they have won us.

According to the aforementioned source, it is expected that the soccer game arrives this year to take advantage of the thrill of the Qatar World Cup 2022 . The racing game would arrive at 2023 and there would be more, since they say that a third Lego sports title is also being developed, based on an important sports franchise.

With this idea, apparently 2K seeks to expand its sports games with the aim of attracting a younger audience and, in this way, they have considered that Lego is the best partner for the cause. In addition, they point out that _ “2K plans suggested that the Lego Sports Games could include guest characters from some of the popular cross-country licenses, such as Marvel, Harry Potter and DC” _.

Now, it is only necessary to wait for an official announcement about it to know more about these curious projects.

Inter Milan: Gosens after muscle injury Back in training

Football international Robin Gosens has recorded the team training at his new employer Inter Milan. The 27-year-old, who last brought back a stubborn muscle injury, could already give his debut for Italy’s masters in the away game at FC Genoa on Friday. As the “Gazzetta dello Robin Gosens” reports, Gosens should belong to the squad. At least a shortening of the outer railway player against the team of the German coach Alexander Blessin would be possible. Gosens within the series A at the end of January by Atalanta Bergamo changed to Inter, where he signed a contract until 2026.

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