The Motto of the squeezed motto IT Will Be Done! It was used as a raw monkey, and the American Fifth Corps who put the commanding department in Germany was adopted. This is an abbreviation of Do It And It Will Be Done and DO IT part, because the part of DO IT is a military command, and it is said that Is that? It is a word that seems to be very difficult, even if it is a difficult strategy.

Practice question answer

Valkyrie 4 of the battlefield 4 may be wrong? Why Potter was changed to Squad [English pickled in the game 87]

Words-Personal Potential

The kind is called a friend, and the school drama is also surprised. Unlike 勇 兵 彼 彼 彼 彼 彼 彼 彼 彼,,,,,,,, 短 短 短 短 短 短 万 千 千 千 万 万 万 万 別 千 別 in this work, there are 4 to 5 types of potentials per one, and if you remember more than 50 members, the words expressing the person will be worn more than 200.

Pilot, reconnaissance

  • Claude (Claude): Overburdened (suffering, suffered)

  • Dan (Dan): Shut-in (withdrawal)

  • Minerva: Defiant Spirit (Development)

  • Curtis (Cult): Social Anxiety

  • GODWIN: Cynic (Killer)

  • Thomas (Odin): COWARD (timid)

  • Rosetta (Rosetta): Neat freak

  • Teresa (Teresa): Clumsy

  • Nico (Nico): Early Bird

  • Millennia (Millennia): Dedicated (Dedicated)

A fast-up person is expressed as Early Bird, which comes from the proverb The Early Bird Chances The Worm (the early morning bird catches a lot of insects). In Japanese, Early wake up three sentences is translated, but if you take more benefit from here, it will be derived in the sense of getting more interest, people who act in advance are also Early Bird To do. Nico’s potential has the effect of If you act at the beginning of the turn, the shooting capacity will increase, both the meaning of both.

Assault soldier

  • RAN (LAZ): Competitive Spirit (competitive heart)

  • TAIGA (Riga): Right-Hand Man (~ Right Arm)


  • Scott (Scott): Fatal UNCERTAINTY (Super Anxiety)

  • Stanley (Stanley): Chatterbox (Talking)

  • Vance (Anti): Low Blood Pressure (Low Blood Pressure)

  • EMMY: Penny Pitcher (Mold Guarantee)

  • Fleet: DAREDEVIL (see other way)

  • Ferret (Ferries): Endurance (patience)

  • Lily: Unfortunate (Unhappy)

Right arms pointing to depend on the subordinate will not change much from Right-Hand Man in English. The misleading is right-handed that points to the right. The meaning differs significantly depending on whether -ed is attached. Conversely, Left-Hand Man was also used in the same sense, but recently it seems that there is an image of A mistress for Right-Hand.

Vehicles, support soldiers, sniper, grenade


  • Bagel: Old Grump

  • Jimmy (Jimmy): Red shits’s Risk (Death Flag)

  • Jean (Jenny): BRAWNY

  • Rebecca (Rebecca): Conservationist

  • Eileen (Ellen): ATTENTIVE (Important)

  • KAI (Kai): DEADLY (Dead Eye, Satori)

  • Aladdin (Ara din): Chivalrous (Knight Mentality, Feminist)

  • Leonard (Leonard): LORDLY CALIBER

  • BEIGE (Ne age): TIMED (Pared)


Jimmy from some people, who gets uneasy even though it’s positive and bright, it will be a popular Jimmy. When this war is over…, I will die for a few seconds after a few seconds, and it is a good luck to survive with a harsh ranger unit. This Death Flag is RedShirt (RedShirt ‘(red clothes), and when an accident occurs at Star Trek, the engineer of red clothes will die in the first way. So, even if there is this word, please note that it does not actually wear red clothes. On the contrary, if you wear red clothes, that person may die in the near future.

Practice Problem: Translate the next Erupted poem.

(Excerpt from Anthem of The East European Imperial Alliance)
Forward We March
To Conquer Those Who Defile The Graves of Our Fathers
For the Everlasting Glory of the Emperor, King of Kings

This time is an empire this time on the federal side last week. In the English version, I’m scolding imperial soldiers with IMP with IMP, and I use rough razors, etc. Since you can enjoy a slightly dark localization, please try PC version language switching if you experience it on a home machine.