The San Francisco 49ers have taken care of in the NFC Divisional Game for a surprise and beat the Green Bay Packers 13:10 by a Field Goal with the outgoing watch. The guests benefited from a very weak overall performance of the special teams of the Packers as well as a bear-strong defensive performance.

With a leaving clock, Kicker Robbie Gould sank his field-goal attempt from 45 yards and cheered the San Francisco 49ers at Surrender Cold. It was the final point under a game full of drama, but a few (offensive) highlights.

At -10 degrees Celsius (Feeling -17) it looked like this in the Lambeau Field early as if the packers had a light game here and dominated the initial minutes of the game. The first drive was smooth – ten plays, 69 yards and a touchdown run from A.J. Dillon over 6 yards.

And even defensively, it went well: The Miners started 3-and-out for a sack of returnee Edge Rusher ZA’Darius Smith against Jimmy Garoppolo (11/19, 131 YES, INT).

However, the Packers Offensive Machine fell after it myself. In the second drive, Green Bay was once again on his way to the Red Zone, but then Tight End Mercedes Lewis lost a fumble that the miners conquered. Then Wide Receiver Brandon Ainu lost a supposed fumble, but after a long review has been returned – Incomplete Pass! Shortly thereafter, a sack of Ra shan Gary again forced the Miners to the Punt.

And so it went for a minute. A stop followed on the other and on both sides did the defensive rows all under control. That changed only for about six minutes before the break, as the miners who had been waiting for the first completion of Garoppolo by several drops, finally the first 1st down in the game succeeded. Garoppolo found George Little on the side line that picked the ball spectacularly with a hand down.

It then went to the 9-yard line, but then the Miners began to harm himself. First, Left Tackle Trent Williams cost his team 10 yards for holding and then threw Garoppolo, who held the ball for too long, when trying to find Little just before the end zone, an interception to Safety Adrian Amos.

After that, the packers were probably ready to play the clock down, but after a run play at 1st down Niners-Head coach Kyle Shanahan took a timeout that the packers worried. At 3rd Down, Aaron Rodgers (20/29, 225 yes) then followed a misunderstanding in the Niners-Secondary Aaron Jones on a Wheel Route and the Running Back made a spatial gain of 75 yards. But a sack of Nick Boss ultimately caused a field-goal attempt, but the Jimmie was blocked. Pause stand: 7: 0 for Green Bay.

Packers vs. 49ers: Guests are struggling back

After the break, guests started after a 45-yard-kick-off-return of LeBeau Samuel, who helped to reach the Red Zone again at the 50hard line again. In front of the Goal Line, with a face-mask sentence of Elijah Mitchell went backwards, so the miners merely went with a Field Goal from the Drive – Robbie Gould met 29 yards.

After further defensive stops on both sides, Green Bay was releasing again and again until the beginning of the final district in the Red Z1. However, the Miners kept the hosts at a Field Goal of Crosby from 33 yards thanks to a sack of Arik Stead at 3rd and Goal.

The miners reached the Red Zone again in the following Drive, but were stopped at 4th and 1 on the 19 with a run by the center. Ra shan Gary and DE’Wonder Campbell stopped Mitchell in the backfield. However, the packers did not come far – a sack of Arid Farmstead at 3rd Down forced another punt. A big play, as it turned out, because the punt of Corey Bojorquez Blocked D-Liner Jordan Willis and Special Teamed Alana Huang does the ball in the final zone to the touchdown – compensation Miners with just over 4:30 minutes to play!

Sufficient time for Rodgers, his team still to lead to victory. But not this time! An injured Deep Ball was his last play, then the Miners Field-Goal range reached and played the clock through a final 1st down from Samuel on the floor through the middle.

After 2019, the miners are back in the NFC Championship Game, which will take place either in Tampa Bay or Los Angeles next Sunday.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers

Result: 10:13 (7: 0, 0: 0, 0: 3, 3:10) Box score

Packers vs. 49ers – the most important statistics

  • Packers Kicker Mason Crosby now has three blocked Field Goals in this season in the account. Likewise, many of 2015 to 2020 underlie him. Overall, he comes to 9 failed Field-Goal trials this season, most in the NFL.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo has now thrown seven interceptions this season, when he had pressure against him. 4 of 7 passed Garoppolo in his most recent three games. The 7 He, meanwhile, leads the league with Derek Carr, Patrick Mahomes and Trevor Lawrence.

  • The 49ers are the fourth playoff team since 2000, which won a postseason game without an offensive touchdown. Recently this was the Steelers in 2016 succeeded against the Chiefs. The other two were the Colts in 2006 and 2000. Both Giants then played in the Super Bowl, the Colts won him even.

  • Due to the failures of the Packers and Titans before are now for the first time since 2010 again eliminated both top seeds in the Divisional Round. At that time this happened the Patriots in the AFC and Falcons in the NFC.

The star of the game: Defensive Line (49ers)

The 49ers won at the end of their plays special teams who attended also exclusively for the points. But she has kept in the game, the defensive line. Especially the Edge trio Nick Boss (2 Sacks, 4 Pressures), Arid Farmstead (2 Sacks, 3 Pressures) and Samson Equal (1 bag, 4 Pressures) won again and again the direct duels at the front against an admittedly failing weakened offensive line the Packers, the left tackle David Akhtar had to replace at short notice. The D-Line was Rodgers little time for big plays and made his permanent life difficult. So you can stop the MVP candidates.

Flop of the Match: special teams (Packers)

The Defense of the Packers did not play less well than their counterparts, but the special teams made the difference. The list of shortcomings of this Unit is long: Just before the break, a field goal attempt was blocked, the second half began with a 45-yard kickoff return by Samuel, a blocked punt resulted in a touchdown to equalize it contributed to a False start in a punt, and then they sent to ultimately decisive field goal at the very end only ten players for blocking the field. What a chaotic vision of the Unit of Special Teams Coordinator Maurice Dayton! Head Coach Matt Fleur said to that situation: It can not just happen, it is unacceptable And that’s my fault.!

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Analysis: Packers vs. 49ers – the tactics board

  • The Packers played offensively what she has already made strong in the regular season: They put on a lot of short, safe passes like slant on, and moving so gently the ball in the first Drive. With continuous playing time, but this was more difficult, because the 49ers adapting.

It looked then like this that just Adams was doubled over again, as part of Randall Cobb in the slot. Just Safety Jimmie Ward was a flexible pawn in this Scheme, often on the line or in the box, but also to find in the slot and also helped many a time as a safety over the top of. This also meant that with Jaquiski Tarot also usually only a deeper Safety was set up.

  • The Packers again resorted defensively mostly on One Coverage what Garoppolo typically spurred to keep the ball a little too long in the pocket, resulting in the bag. At the same time they put more frequently on flash.

  • The Miners need to find ways to get the ball to Samuel Deep a while. Through the air for a long time was little, so that it was first incorporated into the game with Run Plays out of the backfield. Otherwise, they used it mainly as a decoy with pre-snap motion. Only in the second half he got his first receptions by screens, which each led to greater space savings. He also acted after the break as return-Man at the kick-off and carried the ball promptly to the midline.

  • The Miners took Trent Williams several times as an extra blocker. But while it worked in the first half with a 3rd and short with him as lead blockers, it made Shanahan in the fourth quarter at 4th and too complicated Short. He sent Williams as an H-Back in Motion, but used it only as a decoy and the play went with Mitchell through the center – the Packers stopped him in the backfield and managed a major turnover on downs.