Basically, Ben Roethlisberger knew before the trip to Kansas City, as his career in the NFL after 18 years — all in the dress of his Pittsburgh Steelers — ends. We have no chance, the 39-year-old Oldie had said before the Play-Off-Duel with the Kansas City Chiefs. He had meant, that was sarcastic and still a so let’s just go there and have fun.

And these pleased the Chiefs him and Steel City at the end of him: because during the outsider even with 7: 0 was leaded in the lead, the open to Big Ben brought nothing together over long stretches. Patrick Mahomes & Co., who are getting more and more hot, suspended rapidly to 35: 7. But the Roethlisberger himself was ultimately allowed a 13-yard touchdown pass to Donate Johnson as well as one for 15 yards on James Washington to be able to say goodbye to his NFL career. At the end of the clock, the oldie even brought a passport centrally in the field, so here was still a small success experience.

Roethlisberger’s career but still ended with a crashing defeat. That he does not play anymore in the coming season, no one doubts anymore. Even he does not even, the signals were finally too clear — even if the official announcement is still out. It was an honor and a pleasure, said right after the closure his many years and current Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Over 64,000 yards

From Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose coach Andy Reid and other people from the ranks of the Chiefs were appropriate gestures after the last pass. I just told him how much respect I have before him. I grew up to watch him, Mahomes said after the compulsory embrace of the two playmakers after playing. He fights to the end — and he did this season too.

Sporty, the end is comprehensible in any case: Big Ben was ultimately only on 215 yards and two touchdowns. And yet, people in Pittsburgh will miss him — especially the successful times with play-off participation, its reached 64,088 yards and 418 touchdowns (211 interceptions).

One like Roethlisberger may not be there in the NFL again. The 1.96-meter guy with completely, which will be celebrating his 40th birthday in retirement on 2 March, looks like a footballer in retirement, looks like a bear — and has played his whole career as fearlessly As a grizzly. Defender only centimeters away? A collision inevitable? Roethlisberger always kept the ball as long as necessary to find a solution in tricky situations. And he had little consideration of his own health. There was therefore a quarrel with coaches.

Two Super Bowl titles

The US sports dryer ESPN honored Big Ben most recently with a detailed portrait — and once again described that scene, which has the majority of football fans in mind: the passport in Super Bowl XIII on February 1, 2009, as he Is teammate Antonio Holmes found in the back corner of the end zone and made the second title with the Steelers through the touchdown. Since then, however, the fans in Pittsburgh are waiting for a return to the final. That’s why Roethlisberger was not at the quarterback, which can accommodate it with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. But two rings are worthwhile — even if there are shadows: He has been accused in the past, to have raped women: 2008 in a hotel in Nevada and two years later in a Night Club in Georgia. In the first case Roethlisberger agreed out of court with the applicant, in the second case no charge was charged.

Further, negative reports in the following years on renewed abuse allegations (2010), which he has denied himself, or his sound sports illustrated arrogant attitude as well as kind of many people should ultimately have made him to another person. He worked on an image change, married, got children and suddenly spoke publicly about his religious belief. Sporty Big Ben in the years but also due to injuries was no longer the old — farewell 2022 inclusive.