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The German biathlete are impressively reflected shortly before Olympia. Benedict Doll shoots faultless for the first time for two years and becomes second, Lesser convinced as a sixth.

Benedict doll looked at the result panel with damp eyes and clenched the fist overjoyed. At the home World Cup in the German Biathlon-Mecca in Upholding, Doll succeeded with a second place in the sprint on Thursday of the long-awaited liberation strike, no four weeks before Olympia the German ski hunters collected plenty of self-confidence.

Finally worryless, said the 31-year-old full of joy: There’s a lot to see me really much that it can run well, and I can shoot error-free. This is the biggest and Give before the Olympic Games in Beijing self-confidence.

Dolls relief was clearly felt, right after the finish inlet and also with the interviews afterwards. Only by 7.2 seconds, the Sprint World Champion of 2017 had to give himself the flawless French total world curing squeegee Dillon Millet, an excellent starting position for the pursuer on Sunday (14.45 pm / IDF and Eurosport).

The pleasure also Bernd Eisenbichler. Finally, Benny’s knot has risen top! Said the sporty head of Biathlon of the German Ski Association (DSV).

Doll remained faultless for the first time since January 16, 2020, at a World Cup race, at that time, he was also in a sprint in Upholding third parties. It has not happened so often. I hope I can retrieve it in the next race, he said, grinning.

Even in the trail, Doll convinced with the second-best time. Runner was perfect, he said. When shooting, he made mentally the biggest step.

About an excellent team result of the DSV athletes, however, annoyed only a few flags due to the Corona provisions this year. They saw Erik Lesser as a sixth showed his best seasonal performance and also showed the fist.

It did Bock to shape myself right, Lesser said, but again bothered at this a darn misty mistake: He does not have to be even more in it. That annoys me.

The joy of the good result and the outstanding doll but oversee, in the joint photo in the destination room Lesser showed recognizing nodding on his teammates and knocked him on the shoulder. Today we are still shot a bit about it with the coach, Lesser said about Dolls long Dusty on the shooting range. With success.

Meanwhile, Dillon Millet celebrated in the absence of the Norwegian Stars around Johannes Thingies BO and Stella Hold Larvae, who are currently completing a training camp, in 23: 23.7 minutes his fourth win. Third was Anton Smoke (1 / + 32.1) from Belarus.

Also, Roman Sees was allowed to be happy after a 20th place, David Nobel convinced in his first World Cup race this winter as a strong 24th and missed half the Olympia norm just. The racing Philipp Na wrath (3 / + 1: 24.7) placed in third place with three shooting errors, Philipp Horn managed it as 59. Just in the pursuer.

The good German result was of significance in twice. In Nations, the team of national coach Mark Kirchner claimed the third place in front of Sweden, a sixes quota square for the winter games in Beijing is hardly to take the DSV men.

Biathlon: Sprint of the gentlemen in Upholding — the end result

Place Name Time error
1. Quentin Dillon Millet 23: 23.70 0
2. Benedict Doll +7.20 0
3rd Anton Smoke +32.10 1

Biathlon: Sprint of the gentlemen in Upholding in the Live ticker for reading

Dillon Millet wins, Doll on the podium! This is also clear that no one can attack the podium. Quentin Dillon Millet from France picks up the victory in the Sprint, which can further expand its leadership in the World Cup. A smile should also have Benedict doll on the lips. He made in the absence of bold for the second podium seat of the German men this winter. Anton Smoke completes the podium as a third party.

A penalty for ZOB: The strike stop is the mistake of David Nobel. Nevertheless, he can look at a really strong race: he goes to 16th place on his last round and is certainly celebrating a new best result today.

Partway with the error: Niklas Harte from Switzerland has just finished his second shooting. After a mistake and 56 place, however, he only struggles to land in the top 60.

NOBEL Ranked 14: David Nobel is 5.3 kilometers and lies on a good 14th position. But also on him is still waiting for the standing shooting.

Also, Arabia out: Maksym Arabia lay after the first shooting on the third place, but now he must have feathers. When shooting, he is very slow and shoots the mistake. Ranked 18 is on his last round.

Jorge Part in the standing stop: Since Wellhead Jorge was perfect at the first shoot, but at his second shooting but the Norwegian and after three mistakes he is away from the window!

Nobel starts really well: David Noble is also one of those who still provide a bit of rest in the front field. The German starts with a faultless shooting in his competition.

Horn must tremble: For Philipp Horn, it means shaking. The German is in the finish, but after two mistakes, however, is only on the 52nd place. It should be really tight with the pursuer, because there are still some athletes that could move in front of it.

Partway with five hits: Niklas Harte was just shooting at the first, but for him, it will only go around the top 30 today. With five hits, he ranked on 35th place.

Arabia in the top three after the first shoot: Maksym Arabia could mix with his high start number also the result! With five hits, the Belarus lies after his first shoot only 2.5 seconds behind the leader leading there.

Hunters shoots out: Martin Hunter was in his second shoot, but could not repeat the good performance from his first stay at the shooting range. After two shooting errors, it goes far back for him, and suddenly he has to fight for the top 60.

JORGE is pure in front: Even with the high start numbers, the voltage remains high. Youngster Since Wellhead Jorge bangs all the slices at the lying stop and begins on the 17th place. Patrick Jakob from Austria was at the same time on the shooting range, did everything, but lies through slower terms only in 73.

Nobel completes the race: David Noble from the German team is started as the last athlete in the race. The 25-year-old had recommended himself over the IBM Cup, and now you can be curious where it goes to the first World Cup this winter.

Bulk holder in place nine: SWISS Biathlete Burkhart also made it to the finish. The top three he could not attack, but there is nine in any case a perfect result for him.

Doll is in second place: Benedict Doll arrived at the destination and focuses on a really strong second place behind Dillon Millet. It seems as if the node was finally bursting at the 31-year-old.

Bulk holder lures on top ten: Josh Burkhart also has to take a good result today a good result. Currently, he is on the way towards top ten!

Doll must bite! Benedict Doll now has to bite correctly and last somewhat lost. 5.8 seconds are missing to the French, but in the direction of two he stays on course.

Hunter starts error-free: While Burkhart is on the way to his new best performance, the race starts really well for Martin Eager. With a faultless performance, it goes away from the first shooting.

Doll remains on it! Benedict Doll puts everything in the scales and also at 8.7 kilometers he is still really close to Dillon Millet. Can he even snap off the French victory?

Last Austrian on the road: The last Austrian is with Patrick Jakob in the race. Much to beech is Jakob not yet. Does he change today?

Doll takes podium in visor! What a strong competition of Benedict Doll! After it was perfect in the lying stop, he turns all the slices again and goes to Dillon Millet on his last round with 2.3 seconds. The French should be hard to grab, but two place is all possible for everyone!

Horn starts with two mistakes: Philipp Horn has to fight now! After his first visit to the shooting range, he is in place with two mistakes in 65. Harald Letterer made a mistake and is already far back.

Smoke New Second: Anton Smoke gets out everything from him again and is in the finish on the second place behind Quentin Dillon Millet, who continues sovereign. Surprise Man Vytautas Stroll slips in third place.

Hunters in the race: The next Swiss is started with Martin Eager in his race. Most recently, he was at the start at Annecy, where he landed in the sprint in 33 33.

Smoke attacks podium: Anton Smoke made a mistake, yet the Belarus is currently on the way to a podium place. At 9.4 kilometers, he is third of the intermediate rating.

Knob point Standing stop: At the lying stop, the majority of athletes come through with good performance. But the sticking point is likely to be the shooting, in which today so many hounds and led to errors.

Lesser as a fourth in the finish: Erik Lesser has given everything on the last round, for the podium it did not matter in the end. At the current position four he should not be dissatisfied with his current performance. Meanwhile, it went to the shooting range for the second time in Roman Sees. With a mistake he is returned to 16th place.

Doll can still tear something? Benedict Doll from the German team is the shooting range, and it runs really well in the lying stop! In second place with only 0.2 seconds behind it goes back to the track. At the same time with him Burkhart from Switzerland was shooting. He had also met everything, but lies back for 17 seconds.

Letterer and Horn in the race: ÖSV-Athlete Harald Letterer, who today gives his comeback in the World Cup, has gone to the route with start number 75 and Philipp Horn from the German team is now on the ten kilometers.

Lesser makes pressure: Erik Lesser currently delivers a perfect final round and now makes pressure in the direction of podium. Only a few tenths separate him at 8.7 kilometers of Sepals, which occupies the target position three.

The Board presses! The Norwegians are at the start without their Olympic team, yet it fits today. Aleksander Field Andersen uses his chance and at his first appearance in the World Cup he remains twice faultless. It goes to seven place in the final round.

Bulk holder lays off: Josh Bulk holder could convince in Oberon with a good 29th place in the sprint, he can pick up a similar result today? Sticking point should also be the shooting range. Immediately after him Benedict Doll from the German team had to go to the route.

Lesser with error in the second shoot: Erik Lesser will not be able to displace it from one 1. At the German there is the first mistake in today’s race. At the same time on the shooting range was Roman Sees, who could clear all the slices in the lying stop.

Dillon Millet with sovereign leadership: Quentin Dillon Millet arrived at the finish and takes a little surprisingly sovereign the leadership. Now he is looking forward to seeing if there may be someone from the thr1. 33.6 seconds is his lead.

Combat starts with mistake: David Combat from the OSV team was in turn right with his lying stop. With a mistake, however, it is already very far back with place 33 and will have it hard.

Na wrath again with mistake: Philipp Na wrath was at a standing stop, and after he had twice in the lap twice, he now has to be cycled. With a total of three mistakes and 16th place before the last lap, today will not much be possible.

Stroll leads in the finish: It does not take long, then further starters come to the finish. Currently, Stroll leads from Lithuania, but there will still be some shifts.

Ever is in the finish: Simon Ever has arrived at the finish and had to wear his weapon even under his arm on the last meters! The carrying handle seems to be broken at the Austrian. Whether because of a fall or material fatigue is currently not clear. It definitely costed time.

Dillon Millet is committed to the one: Quentin Dillon Maple can not be ragged! The total leading skin the cartridges sovereign in goal and is confronted with the top before his last round with 19 seconds. On the other hand, Emilie Jacqueline experiences a race today. He bays three mistakes and is finally out of it.

Lesser remains faultless: Good start for Erik Lesser! With five hits at his first shooting, he seats in second place of the intermediate rank. The starters in front of him then hound the strike stop, so it’s not all possible.

Combat on the route: With David Combat, the next one of four Austrians in the race is in the race. In the sprint, Combat has no top result in this winter, can he change something today? For a long time it will not last and DSV starter Roman Sees will open up.

Also Login and Ponsiluoma honors: crazy. According to Samuelson, Login and Ponsiluoma now have their standing stop and make two slices. Leader is at this point Vytautas Stroll from Lithuania, who today delivered a perfect race.

Na wrath gives away it at the first shooting: Philipp Na wrath has started his first round quickly. Maybe too fast? The German gives away everything at the first shoot everything and must turn twice into the extras part. This is how it also happens to Sebastian Stalker.

Samuelson is out! It works very differently at Sebastian Samuelson! The missing two discs with his second shooting and will have a good result today to achieve a good result.

Ever at the standing stop: Simon Ever is already a shooting further and for the Austrian it is necessary to hit all the slices in the standing stop. And he handles this task solid. Ever creates the zero twice and has the best possibilities for a good starting position for the pursuer.

Jacqueline with the mistake: Emilie Jacqueline has to shoot at his first shoot once in the penalty. Lost is the race after strong maturities but not yet. 14.9 seconds is its residue to the leader. Teammollege Quentin Dillon Millet meets everything and is just behind the competitors from Sweden.

Lesser on the track: Erik Lesser goes with strong poultry buckets as the next athlete from the stalking.

Ponsiluoma takes on lead: Martin Ponsiluoma ensures the change at the top after the first shooting. With five hits and a fast shooting time he pushes himself by 2.7 seconds in front of Samuelson. So far, six of the eight athletes, who were already shooting, had been faultless.

Login remains on it: Alexander Login can not be fooled on the shooting range! The Russian skin his cartridges quickly get away and comes back to Samuelson with only a few seconds.

First DSV starter sets off: It is arranged for the first starter from the German team. Philipp Na wrath was not happy in Oberon with the 51st place with five shooting errors. Accordingly, he should have made a lot today. Immediately after him, Sebastian Stalker also launches the first Swiss. With him, it ran similarly disappointing in Oberon.

Samuelson remains faultless: Also Sebastian Samuelson has no difficulties on the shooting range on his first visit. All five cartridges sit, and it goes to the next round with 7.8 second lead to Ever.

Ever shooting: Simon Ever was meanwhile already shooting at his first. The Austrian brings the zero and thus keeps a good place in the race. For Doherty, it’s already called a hook behind this day. Two mistakes are too much for these conditions to be able to tear something.

The next favorites are on the trail: with the two Frenchmen Jacqueline and Dillon Millet, the next strong sprinters have gone to the stake. Both fight again today around the yellow jersey of the overall leader.

First intermediate times: The first starters have passed through the meantime at two kilometers. Currently, there is little surprisingly Samuelson at this point. 8.6 seconds behind then follows Ever.

makes login again? In the last week, the Russian secured the victory in the Sprint of Oberon. Does he also suggest today at the second German station in this winter?

Samuelson on the road: Sebastian Samuelson was at his home world cup at the season opener in Öresund the one who was to beat, but after that, however, the podium sites remained in the sprint. On the bill you have to do it today.

Ever on the track: With the second start number, Simon Ever is now on the track. The last sprints this season did not go to plan at the Routinize, can he get a better outcome today?

Doherty opens competition! It is arranged and with the American Sean Doherty is the first of the 116 starter, which goes to the ten kilometers.

Biathlon: Sprint of the men in Upholding now in Live ticker — race start

Before starting: The sun shines and there are crisp minus temperatures in Upholding. Even the wind blows only slightly on the shooting range. There is nothing in the way of a fair competition!

Before starting: In the absence of the team leaders Benjamin Weber diseased at the Coronavirus, the team from Switzerland could have a hard time to reach top performances this weekend. Sebastian Stalker (23), Josh Burkhart (62), Martin Hunter (89) and Niklas Harte (112) were nominated.

Before starting: The Tyrolean Felix Later also belongs to those who skip the World Cup in Upholding in favor of the preparation for Olympics. The small team of Simon Ever is listed, which is already part of the series with start number, but due to the mileage does not belong to the top favorites in the sprint. David Combat runs as 44. Back in the team is Harald Letterer (75)., Patrick Jakob (100) completes the competition for the OSV.

Before starting: Without your top stars, the Norwegians arrived after Upholding. The team for Olympia is located in altitudes. Instead, athletes from the IBM Cup were nominated by Er lend BJöntegaard. Here you can be curious what you will deliver today on the very big stage. Bjöntegaard is not an unknown and the young rises of the Norwegian was already successful in this winter.

Before starting: After receiving good performances in the IBM Cup, David Nobel received from the SC Partenkirchen. There he lies behind three Norwegians currently in four of the overall standings. He will start today with start number 116 as the last athlete. In addition, Benedict Doll (start no. 63), Erik Lesser (31), Philipp Na wrath (22) and Roman Sees (47) at the start.

Before starting: Corona is also a topic in the biathlon. Known on Wednesday a positive corona test at Johannes Kuhn. The 30-year-old deals with the home world cup in Upholding and has emanated in isolation. Kuhn’s starting place takes over Philipp Horn, which starts with start number 76 today.

Before starting: The ten-kilometer race is opened at 14.30 clock with the first runner.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the sprint of the gentlemen in Bavarian Upholding.

Biathlon: Sprint of the gentlemen in Upholding today on TV and Livestream

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However, with a DAZN subscription, you can also access the EUROSPORT -LIVESTREAM. This allows the cooperation between DAZN and Eurosport.

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Biathlon: The stand in the World Cup of Gentlemen

Rank Name Points
1 Quentin Dillon Millet 461
2 Emilie Jacqueline 449
3 Sebastian Samuelson 425
4 Tanja By 404
5 Title Shasta Christian sen 378
6 Stella Hold Lægreid 344
7 Johannes Thingies By 343
8 Eduard LaP ow 336
9 Alexander Login ow 314
10 Johannes Kuhn 279