The Massacre in Texas Leather face has been part of port in the light of day since 2017, but the developer Behavior Interactive has announced a major change in the mechanics of the killer after a new update. In an ode to movies, the killer could unlock and use the faces of the four original survivors of the game killing each of them 25 times. As a result, players could win deformed masks based on the faces of Jake Park, Meg Thomas, Dwight Fairfield and Claudette Morel. Morel is black, and her mask was frequently used by players who pointed black characters and black players, using it as a tool to harass them during the game.

This problem has apparently been a persistent problem since the function was added to port in light of day. That will no longer be the case, as Behavior Interactive announced through the official website game that will eliminate the mask option completely through a half-chapter update. The developer will also deliver 6000 iridescent Shards to anyone who has played as Leather face.

The members of the community have shared their experiences with people who attacked them and harassed while using some of these masks. It was discouraging to hear these reports and condemn this behavior absolutely. We do not feel comfortable with these masks in the game when they are used as a tool to spread hatred. To that end, we will eliminate the unlockable faces of The Cannibal in this coming intermediate chapter.

It is really unfortunate that some players have taken what was clearly supposed to be a funny wink to the massacre in Texas and used it as a way of harassing the players. Clearly, this was not the intention of Behavior Interactive for the masks, but it is easy to see why the option is discarded. Video games are destined to be a form of escapism for all. Hopefully, the elimination of the function will do port in light of day a more enjoyable experience.

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