The most important tricks and tips that all PlayStation must know 4 owners to be able to make optimum use of the console from Sony

It does not matter whether you have a PS4 version since the first day, only added one to your collection or have been recently updated to a PS4 Pro version — it’s never a bad time, some tips and tricks for setting up the PS4 version to learn the most from your Sony console. With all the hidden features and additional settings in menus that are less than obvious, you will be forgiven for not knowing the console immediately from the inside out. Therefore, it is worthwhile to read these tips and tricks for PS4 setup Find out more about them and how they can change your game world. Some of them could significantly improve your gaming experience, while others only small but useful improvements offer. However, our handy guide to the main PS4 setup tips will ensure that you get the most out of your trusted gaming console.

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As I put PS4 into hibernation?

First, go to Einstellungen> energy saving settings> In idle mode available functions estrogen and select the options you want. Verboten the USB ports CYCLE So you can charge the controllers that are connected to the console is turned off Learn you your PS4 system to download update files and content, so your games are available for play on your return to the Internet overburden Allows, and uploading your data stored in the online storage. Lassen if you choose stopped Attending you can return directly to your game or your app and continue where you left off.

If you have selected at least one of these options, either press the On / Off button on the PS4 and select Lasting on the home screen, or hold down the PS button on the controller and select Lasting in the Quick menu to switch to sleep mode. You will know that it is activated when the light beam (Original / Pro model) or the power switch (Slim models) are orange.

How do I charge the PS4 controller on longer?

Runaway Einstellungen> Device> Controller bonnet you to extend the Helligkeit the DUALSHOCK 4-Lichtbalkens of Hell (Standard) to Mattel or Dim, which can contribute to the charge. You can also visit Einstellungen> energy saving settings> Time until the controller to turn off installed and then select your preferred time. So when you look at a program or are away from your console while it is turned on automatically turns your PS4 controller idle, not to discharge the battery.

How do I use headphones / headsets with PS4?

For most headphones and PS4 headsets you can insert just put it in the 3.5 mm jack on the controller. If you want the overall tone and not just the chat is routed to the headphone / headset, hold down the PS button to access the Quick Menu, and select Sound / Devices> Output via headphones> All Audiotape.

If your headset works with optical audio, connect it to the digital output (optical) on the back of the PS4 and you are sorted. However, the PS4 Slim console does not have a digital output (optical), so you need to use either one developed for your particular headset adapter or a general audio converter adapter.

How do I download PS4 games?

To download games, select the PlayStation Store Click on the icon to the left on the home screen and locate the songs you want. There are lots of demos and other free downloads that you can try. However, if you want to buy games, you must select both send you a bank card on your account or apply for a credit by redeeming a code. If you have made a purchase, but not download it to your PS4, you can click the access Bibliothek Then select your home screen Retaught the left menu.

If your PS4 is in sleep mode (see above), you can send downloads remote to you. Use the PlayStation STORE Link to the PlayStation app or visit the PlayStation Store on a computer. Then click your account and select Download the list Possibility. As a result, all items available on your account will be displayed, with the newest being displayed first, and then simply pressed lade it to your PS4 It allows you to specify that you will be downloaded to your console when you return to it.

What mean cross-buy, cross-save and cross-play ?

These are all terms that you may be able to see against games in the PlayStation Store. Cross-buy means that you can access multiple platforms such as PS4, PS3 and PS Vita when buying the game. Cross-save means that you can transfer your stored game progress between the different platforms, and Cross-Play means that players can interact with each other on different platforms.

How do I place PS4 in the safe mode?

50+ PS4 Tips and Tricks: PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, PSVR, and More.
To switch to hedged mode, you have to switch off the PS4 completely (not in sleep mode) and then hold down the on / off switch for about 7 seconds until you hear a second beep. Connect a controller to the USB cable to access the Safe Mode menu in which you can restore the default settings, rebuild the database and initialize the PS4. Note that some of these options can have a serious impact on your console, including complete data loss. Therefore, make sure that you know what you do, and have sufficient backup copies before using the safe mode.

How do I update the PS4 firmware?

You should automatically receive a notification on your PS4 if a new firmware update is available. At this time, you can either follow the link of this notification or go See settings> System software update to set the process. For important updates, you can first go online if you have completed the update. Therefore, they should do this as soon as possible.

However, if you need to update the firmware, your PS4 can not connect to the Internet for some reason, you can download it to a USB drive and install it instead in this way. Visit the PS4 System Software Update Site and scroll down to update via a computer and follow the procedure listed there.

How do I check how much storage space is available on the PS4 hard drive?

Through It settings> System Storage Management Here you will find a summary of what is stored on your PS4 hard drive and how much free space is available. If the storage space goes out, you can delete some items via this screen by selecting applications, Valerie captured, ceded data, or Theme, then click Options and select lichen to select which content should be removed. Remember that you can download games or apps that you delete again at any time bibliothek> bought to recover them.

How do I replace the PS4 hard drive?

If you use the original PS4 hard drive, you are only 500 GB of storage space available, or 1 TB if you use a newer model. In any case, many games will not last long until they are completely filled. The good news, however, is that you can easily replace the PS4 hard drive through a larger one. The replacement hard disk must consist of a 2.5-inch SATA-II drive with at least 5,400 rpm and a thickness of a maximum of 9.5 mm.

With the new drive in hand, you only need a small Phillips screwdriver to perform the exchange, and because you do not completely open your console, your warranty does not go out. For complete procedure, see the instructions for updating the PS4 hard disk for the console of the original model or replacing and updating the PS4 Pro disk for the Slim and Pro models.

Can I use an external hard drive with PS4?

As long as your PS4 is executed the firmware update 4.50 or later, you can now save your games and applications on an external hard disk. Simply connect your drive to the PS4 on This settings> Devices> USB storage devices and select it, then select the Salivated memory Format Option to prepare it. Once you’re done, you can install all download games as well as disc-based installations on your external hard drive and also use them to transfer games between PS4s. A detailed step-by-step instruction for using an external hard disk for the advanced memory on your PS4 can be found in our manual.

According to Sony, most USB 3.0 hard drives between 250 GB and 8 TB should be compatible. This means that for each budget, a large selection of drives is available. Further recommendations can be found in our manual for the best external PS4 hard drive (and also to internal hard drives).

How do I transfer data from a PS4 to another?

If you replace your PS4 or upgrade to a PS4 Pro, you can transfer your data from your old console to do not need to download it and install it again. To do this, connect the two PS4 either to each other via a single Ethernet cable or connect both to the same router via Ethernet cables. Then go to See settings> System> Transfer data from another PS4 on the new console and follow the instructions on the screen. For more information about transferring PS4 content, see our full manual.

Can I share games on PS4?

To play purchased content on PS4, you must be logged in to the PSN account you purchased and connected online. This means that you can log in to any number of PS4 systems in your account to use your content. However, only one can only be used because your account can not be connected online at the same time with more than one console.

However, you can set a console as a primary PS4 for your PSN account by going to go Is> PlayStation Network / Account Administration> Activate as the primary PS4. As soon as the PS4 has been set as the primary version for your account, you can play purchased content offline and access this content via other PSN accounts on this console. For example, if a PS4 is set as primary for account A, account B and account C can also log in to this PS4 and use the contents purchased from account A.

Can I change my PSN name?

As one of the most sought-after PSN capabilities of all time Sony has now provided this option PlayStation players. So you can change your PSN name. Go to your PS4 console by These settings> Account Management> Account Information> Profile> Online ID Enter the name you want to change and follow the instructions to check if it is available before proceeding. If you use a web browser instead, log in to your PlayStation Network account, go to your PSN profile and click on bespangle next to your online ID before changing the name you have chosen. You can not change your PSN name with a PS3 or PS VITA, and there are a number of risks and reservations that you need to take into account before making changes, especially when you play older games. Read our article above to get all information needs to know.

On the PS4 itself, you can also specify that your correct name is displayed instead of your PSN name. Visit E settings> Account management> Privacy Settings and select the Personal information | Messaging possibility.

Do I need a subscription to play online games?

For almost all games you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online — except Fortnite. You can log in to the PlayStation Store or buy a code for redeeming. In addition to unlocking the online game, you will receive two free PS4 games per month and 100 GB online space for your PS4 scores. To see how long you are still with a current PlayStation Plus subscription, go on the home screen by PlayStation Plus> Manage membership> Subscription Then check the date next to virus.

How do I keep my free PlayStation Plus games?

The subscribers receive two free PS plus games every month, which they need to keep as long as they are logged in to the service. However, you must demand them within the month on your account, otherwise you return to your original price. However, you do not have to download them to do so as they can either go through PlayStation Plus> My PS Plus Games (at the bottom of the control cross) and add them to your library, or locate them on the PlayStation Store and Complete the free purchase of the items without downloading them. Then you can access it at any time by going through bibliothek> bought from the home screen.

How do I upload PS4 memory to the PlayStation Plus online memory?

If your PS4 is set as primarily for your PSN account (with a PlayStation Plus subscription), your stored game data will automatically upload to the online store. To check the status of this game or to disable it for specific games, go to See settings> Administration of stored application data> Automatic upload. In the verwaltungs stored application data In the menu, you can also upload / download stored games data manually from the online memory or transfer it to one / from a USB storage device.

Can I use PS4 as a media server?

To use the PS4 as Media Server, you must first download the download media player app on your console, if you have not done this PlayStation Store. Then install software such as Universal Media Server on your computer and set it up so that your media folders are available in your home network. Now you only have to open the media player The app on the PS4 and your Media Server folders should be ready to stream your console.

Is PS4 downward compatible? Can PS4 play PS3 games?

PS4 is not backward compatible, which means that you can not use discs of previous consoles to access your old games. However, there are still options for playing. With the PlayStation NOW service, you can stream a wide selection of PS3 games for a monthly subscription fee. On the website are more and more PS1 and PS2-Remasters available PlayStation Store. Remember that you still need to buy these games, if you have previously obsessed them, and that saving data from their old systems is not transferable.

Play PS4 DVDs and CDs?

PS4 plays DVDs and scales them on HD, but you can not play CDs on the console. To work around this, convert the CD to a computer in MP3 title, then transfer them to a USB drive and connect it to the PS4 to access them media player. The Spotify The app is also available for PS4 for streaming music.

Supports PS4 4K?

The original PS4 and PS4 slim support resolutions up to 1080p, but only the PS4 Pro supports 4K output. The PS4 Pro can not play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, but you can view 4K videos on the PS4 Pro with Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

How do I set PS4 remote play?

To use Remote Play on a PS Vita, make sure the latest firmware is installed, and then run the PS4 link app on the handheld. Next Go to Is Settings> Remote Play Connection Settings> Add Device On Your PS4 you will find an eight-digit code that needs to be entered on your PS Vita to connect the two systems. Once you are synchronized, you can control your PS4 over the PS Vita and play games on the portable screen.

You can also use Remote Play to access your PS4 via a PC or Mac. You need to install the app on your computer, then set up your PS4 and synchronize it. A complete instruction for setting up PS4 Remote Play for PC and Mac can be found in our instructions.

How do I use the PS4 Share button?

By default, the Share button on the PS4 controller is configured so that you can access by briefly pressing or pressing and holding on the Share menu to include a screenshot. However, this is not the best setup to make fast during the game screenshots. So you can change this by either going to the parts of the menu and then select Fragile- and broadcast Einstellungen or> Einstellungen release and Broadcasts on the home screen, and then change the SHARE Button Control Type of Standard to Simple Screenshots. In this menu you can also find screenshots in JPEG or PNG format under Save screenshot-Einstellungen, and you can determine whether your microphone audio to be included in video clips (for example, if you want to record a voice-over) Einstellungen for Audiofreigabe.

How do I share several screenshots on Twitter or Facebook?

On the surface it looks as if you can share a single screenshot in a tweet or post, but is there a way to add more. Highlight a screenshot in your Capture Gallery, hold the Share button and select the social media platform on which you want to publish. Section, select Screenshot release the option Usual Andean Select this option and select up to four (Twitter) or 30 (Facebook) screenshots to add to your post. Then just add your comment and click ‘Share’.

How do I stream PS4 games?

To the have played PS4 game to stream, go to the Share menu by pressing the share button or press and hold (see above), and select Broadcast-Gameplay. You must set up an account with Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion, if you do not have one. For more information, see our complete instructions for live-streaming.

How can I quickly switch between applications PS4?

You can always press the PS button on your PS4 controller to return to the home screen and switch between different applications. However, if you double-tap the PS button, you quickly switch between the two last used applications. So you can, for example, jump directly to the Internet browser or the trophy list, without having to call the home screen of your PS4 game.

How do I hide PS4 Trophies show?

By selecting Torfaen If you select a game on the home screen, you can view the list of available for trophies and their rarity. If you want to get more information about a hidden trophy, select it and press the square to Persecute information antigen what his name and description discloses. When you access quickly to a game, you can use the trophy list may not display if Sony has not enabled on the servers. However, disable your Internet connection through Einstellungen> Network> Connect to the Internet [disable] then select Torfaen On the home screen you have antigen the option to In PS4 stored trophy information, and if you choose, you should be able to view full trophy list.

What other information can I use for PS4 Games Show?

When you highlight a game on the home screen and then click the Options button, you get a number of options, including Überprüfe on Updates to see if a patch is available, Versus aktualisieren the information of earlier patches to read, and Information to show how much disk space is the game, when it was last updated, and what version it is.

What can I do if PS4 overheated?

If your PS4 is very hot and the fan is very loud, it is clogged with dust most likely that impedes air circulation inside to the components to cool. To fix this, you can spray the vents PS4 with a can of compressed air and push out the dust. Be careful not to shake the can or skew, otherwise condensed liquid can penetrate into the console. If the overheating is still a problem, you can divide your PS4, remove dust inside to. However, this will void your warranty. So continue only if you can rely on your skills.