The Creighton announced the GRAND FINALS advance team of the Battle Ground Mobile Info Top Level Tournament ‘Pub Mobile Global Championship (PMC) 2021.

Since November 30th, PMC 2021, which is on online, is the East 20 teams and WEST 20 teams, and 40 teams participated in Battle Ground Mobile Strength of the Battle Ground Mobile Stalling and $6 million (KRW 7.1 billion) Competition in size. Three weeks of League Stage and League Super Wizard and League Finals have progressed, and 16 teams to enter the grand finals held in January.

In East, the top nine teams, which recorded the most points in the League Super Wench (South Korea), ▲ D’Xavier (Southeast Asia), ▲ STALWART ESPORTS (MENA / South Asia), ▲ Nova ESPORTS (China), ▲ Sigma Galaxy (MENA) / South Asia), ▲ The Infinity (MENA / South Asia), ▲ Six Two Eight (China), ▲ Team Secret (MENA / South Asia), ▲ 4RIVALS (Southeast Asia) confirmed the Grand Fine.

These are the top six teams of the League West Finals, the top six teams, ▲ Laos Next RUA (Europe), ▲ NATU Sincere (Europe), ▲ Furious Gaming (America), ▲ Alpha7 Esports (America), ▲ S2G ESPORTS (Europe), ▲ 1907 Fenerbahçe ESPORTS (Europe) and the Grand Final.

Mongered Kia won the winning on the league east final, and won the PMC 2021 Grand Final, and won the $360,000 won (about $430 million). European Laos Next RUA also receives the same prize as the winner of League West Finals. In addition, DWG KIA’s Sung players showed excellent performance, including the longest accumulated survival time in East during the League Finals period, squares the special awards ‘The Survivor’ and acquiring $2,000.

The PMC 2021 Grand Finals, which will take three days from January 21, 2022, to 23, the East and West 15 teams and the Indian League Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGI) championship team, and 16 teams participate. Currently, BGI is in progress.

Three-day Grand Finals have a lot of kills and high rankings, and the team that earns the final point is the champion of PMC 2021. The winning prize is $3 million (about 3.5 billion won) half of the total prize money.

All the competitions are scheduled to be relayed in battleground mobile formula YouTube channels.