There is a trend in Call of Duty War zone that at least one newly added Battle Pass weapon an absolute monster and the War zone Meta accepts. In Season 1 of War zone Pacific this was no different, and the Cooper Carbine assault rifle quickly became a firm favorite among the players.

Although it was made quickly by some nerfs, it is still a viable AR and one of the best War zone weapons in Battle Royale. It also filled a void that was left by the previously overwhelming Automaton War zone PC Player 24, which was heavily nerfed at about the same time as the Cooper.

But how to best set up and use this versatile assault rifle and the best Cooper Carbine create War zone equipment? What implements you need to transform into a laser beam, and what other pieces of equipment you should choose to form a great class?

We have developed in our opinion, currently the most powerful Cooper carabiner PC player 24 in the game.

Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24

So we have set up our Best Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24 for War zone Pacific Season 1:

snout: MX-silencer
Drum: 22 Cooper Custom
Appearance: G16 2.5x
share Cooper 45W
underflow: M1941 hand stop
Journal: 9 mm 60 round drums
ammunition: Extends
Rear handle: leather handle
Advantage 1: Get a grip
Advantage 2: Fully charged

While the loss figures for the Cooper carbine the best are barely in its class, this build aims instead to increase your rate of fire and accuracy to ensure that you make every shot and still achieve rapid time to kill.

The #1 COOPER CARBINE CLASS SETUP in Warzone Pacific! (Overpowered)
The real stars of this build are the tight grip advantage that offers you a ridiculous recoil control with sustained fire, which transforms him like vending machine in a laser, and the 60-round magazine, which you more balls and more fire lends rate while it still helps to recoil control.

Elsewhere, the extended ammunition increases your bullet velocity significantly and leather handle improves your ADS-speed.

This Cooper Carbine build is not the hardest hitter, but he is currently one of genauesten AR’s in War zone.

Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24 secondary

Since the Cooper Carbine is designed in this class for long-haul, you want an SMG as a secondary device for dogfighting. Since the Cooper can blow balls, it is also worth an SMG with a decent magazine to have, you can pull out rather than wait for your reloads Cooper.

We think that the best choice for the job of MP40 is, and find the perfect build in our MP40 War zone PC Player 24 guide.

Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24 perks and power equipment

For the advantages in this class we recommend Double Time, Overkill and Combat Scout. Since the Cooper Carbine lacks the damage numbers of some of his colleagues AR, enemies can sometimes get away with a remaining health. Combat Scout allows you and your squad to keep an eye on them so that you can take out a few shots before they have a chance to heal.

In terms of equipment, we recommend throwing knives to downcast enemies to eliminate fast, and a heartbeat sensor. Replace this Stun grenades from when you play Vanguard Royale where heartbeat sensors are prohibited.

There you have it, then, our favorite PC Player 24 from Cooper Carbine Warzone Pacific Season 1 Give it a try and let us know what you think of this deadly accurate assault rifle.