The Spike Video Clip Game Awards, brief VGA or most just recently VAX, were a yearly computer game honor event of the television terminal Spike television, which awarded the very best computer system video games of the year. In 2012, she was the only game rate circling, which transmitted as a real-time occasion and might be received worldwide. The program of the event likewise consisted of live songs as well as the looks of prominent artists from the fields of music, film and also TV. Additionally, the organization of video game makers was made use of to announce brand-new games in the kind of trailers. Organized as well as produced was the event of Games Journalist Geoff Kafka. The first event happened on 2 December 2003 (charisma: 4 December 2003). Places were Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Paradise as well as Culver City. In 2013 the eleventh therefore much last occasion happened. In 2014, Kafka proceeded the principle without the support of Spike television under the new title The Game Honors.

The first official E-Sports tournament of Halo Infinite is overshadowed by a cheating scandal. A top player forces the best servers for themselves. He not only hurt the opponents — even the players and spectators had to suffer. Mango tells you more.

With the start and the great popularity of Halo Infinite also start profit competitions. Hallo Championship Series 2021 (HCS 2021) is the first official tournament in Halo Infinite. It is also the first E-Sports tournament in a halo game since 2018.

The last 3 tournaments of the HCS won the player Mathew Royal2 France with 3 different teams. This year he plays for Sentinels. Now the top professional is involved in a cheating scandal.

Cheater hurt even his own team for success

What happened? The player Royal2 has operated in the qualification rounds of the Halo Championship Series from 1 – December 2, 2021 so-called filtering. With this technique, players can block certain servers. That forces the game to find optimal servers for the player. Players who use this technique therefore guarantee the best connection for themselves — and force other players in bad servers.

Royal2 has enforced Seattle servers because he lives in Canada. Most other halo professionals in North America come from the Texas region. Through the filter of Royal2 they all had to play on Seattle servers. That had only advantages for the cheering player.

Players and spectators had to wait thanks to cheat over 4 hours

The cheat harmed opponents and fellow players: While geofilterning players can play under optimal server conditions, the rest suffers: both the opponents and the teammates of Royal2 had bad pings in the plays.

With a bad ping, players in Shooters have some disadvantages. The worse the connection is, the harder it is to react to opponents and meet them. Also, ‘Sync’s problems occur: The players on the server see different things because they are displayed delayed. Players can be killed for example, even though they are already safe on their screen — but not on the opponent’s screen.

The chattering player Royal2 had the best connection in the server. He therefore had no of these problems. His opponents and even fellow players had to accept the unportable difficulties.

The cheat also harmed spectators: Because many servers were blocked by the filter, it also came to an abnormal amount of server connection errors. For more than 4 hours, the whole tournament went thanks to these connection problems. Thus, the player with his cheat also hurt the spectators and the whole tournament.

Player won prize money of over 1.4 million € in 3 years

Who is the cheater? Royal2 is one of the most famous names in the professional halo scene. For 3 years in a row, he won the Halo Championship Series. Thus, between 2016 and 2018, he won €1.4 million prize for himself and his teams.

How was the cheater transferred? Several opponents of Royal2 have complained to the organizers of the tournament. She suspected that a player of Sentinels has used a filter. Underneath, concrete complaints were also about Royal2 itself. The shots of his stream has deleted Royal2 shortly after the allegations.

The organizers of the Halo tournament have examined the facts. You have found that when played by the Sentinels only on a single server has been played — only Royal2 had a good connection.

What are the consequences for the Cheater? The organizers of the tournament have been able to prove that Royal2 has used this filter cheat. Then the player was suspended for all competitions until January 28th.

His team was also punished: The Sentinels had to accept a dot deduction. In addition, their set position in the tournament have lost and have to resume the place again. You maybe best player Royal2 will not play along.

Has the cheater himself been expressed? On social media, the player has explained:

During the Launch of Halo Infinite I had extremely high ping on US Central servers. That’s why I changed my settings so that I only got West Coast Server, but I missed that for the American qualification rounds. Although that was corrected before the E-Sports Arena tournament last night, I understand which problems I have caused with this error in qualification. I really did not understand what impact this decision will have, and I’m really sorry. I would like to apologize to the fans and wish my teammates the best in Raleigh.

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Mathew Royal2 France on Twit longer

The 2021 season — 2022 The Halo Championship Series runs until October 2022. HCS Kickoff Major runs from 17 to 19 December. The prize money amounts to a total of almost 2.7 million € (via How far Sentinels comes after this scandal is questionable. With Royal2 you lose one of your most important players.

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