Only a few months ago we were talking about Chia, a new title of an independent development study that has powerfully called attention by its appearance and the fresh proposal to which it points. Fortunately, we were able to see him again last night during the celebration of The Game Awards 2021, which left us an early morning full of advertisements.

Tchia - PlayStation Showcase 2021: Tropical Adventure Trailer | PS5, PS4

Its creators, AWA CEB, presented a new trailer that you can see about these lines. In it, we see more than a minute and a half of footage with a lot of Gameplay corresponding to the pre-altitude of the game. The title returns to dazzle us with its aesthetics careful and full of color, in addition to several interesting playable ideas, some already known leftover.

Allows us to take control of animals and objects on the PlayStation blog, its director Phil CRIF speaks us a little more of the intentions of the study. Highlights, as it could not be otherwise, the mechanics of Soul Jumping, or jump between souls, which allows us to take control of numerous animals and objects throughout the world to offer us new ways to face combat and exploration.

Chia has set her launch window at spring 2022, where she will reach PC and PlayStation consoles. If you have been looking forward to knowing who have been the winners of the night at The Game Awards 2021, take a look at the list of winners, which left us prizes that were practically sung, but also several surprises that we did not expect.

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