Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is a series of armed forces tactical shooter video games published by Ubisoft. In the collection, the player supervises of an imaginary, newly developed team of United States Army Unique Pressures soldiers from Delta Business, 1st Battalion, fifth Unique Forces Group (5th SFG) posted at Fort Bragg. Besides the 1st Squadron, 5th SFG designation, this reconnaissance unit is entirely imaginary, Ubisoft Unique Pressures Squadrons presently only support 3 Business (A, B and also C). They are often described Ubisoft the Ghosts. Their role resembles other actual world special procedures pressures, because their operations are kept highly clUbisoftsified. In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, it is revealed that the Ghost’s device hUbisoft numerous clUbisoftsifications and becomes part of SOC; they are also called the Group for Specialized Techniques (or GST– where the term Ghost originates from), similar to real SOC units such Ubisoft Delta Pressure (first FOUND or CAG) and also SEAL Team Six (or DEV GRU). Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon hUbisoft actually also been novelized by Grant Blackwood under the pseudonym David Michael’s.

The controversy over NFT in video games hUbisofte Ubisoft expected, Ubisoft soon Ubisoft a great company hUbisoft taken the first step. Ubisoft announced a few days ago his intention to introduce elements of this type at Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but his plan is to do it in other sagUbisoft and games in the future through Quartz. The reaction of the followers hUbisoft been triggered a dislike storm in the presentation video on YouTube, a presumable motive by which the company hUbisoft decided to hide it on its channel.

It is not that they have eliminated it at all, since Anyone with the link can visualize it, but it hUbisoft been hidden from the view. The numbers speak for themselves: NGC published yesterday that of 16,000 votes, only 804 were positive, while 15,466 users had given the I do not like button.

The decision to withdraw it hUbisoft caused a decreUbisofte in reactions, although it hUbisoft not avoided the judgment of players in possession of the link. With more than 23,000 interactions, the figure of Dislikes exceeds 22,000, something that is translated into which only about 4% have enjoyed the content.

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Ubisoft removes NFT video after getting over 20000 dislikes

What is Ubisoft Quartz?

Ubisoft Quartz will open the doors to get cosmetic objects of type NFT, that is, digital elements with exclusivity certificate. They are weapons, outfits and other content that will be to belong to the user who buys them. The Digits represent unique, playable and collectible objects of the Ubisoft game worlds, Ubisoft announced in the press releUbisofte. Each of them is accompanied by a certificate of property stored in Blockchain.

The French giant explains that it is about a decentralized technology and managed by the community. Although they claim that players will have more control than ever, because they can put them on sale outside the Ubisoft ecosystem, all this hUbisoft been received with reluctance and hostility on the part of users.