Borussia Dortmund feels cheated by referee Felix Player for his winning chance in the Bundesliga top game against FC Bayern (2: 3). Jew Bellingham and Erlang Haaland from BVB found clear words after the game.

It was the excitement of the rapid top game of the Football Bundesliga: a corner of the guests from Munich sailed in the 75th minute in the Dortmund penalty area, the ball ultimately landed on the arm of defender Mats Hummels. Referee Felix Player continued to continue playing, then followed after the video assistant on the sideline and looked at the scene itself. Ultimately, the leadership to the trade finder to speak to the Robert Lewandowski used the winner’s goal.

The Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham could not believe it afterwards: You give a referee who has ever shifted games, the biggest game in Germany. What do you expect?, Such the BVB professional in an interview at Via play about the Reference from Berlin.

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Cheating: Some Always, Some Never, & For Most, It Depends Pt. 1–The Factors

Player was one of four Berlin referees, which with her statements brought the football betting scandal in 2005 around the former referee Robert Holder. But he, too, had accepted money and was blocked six months.

Bellingham annoyed the performance of the referee, one could still look many other scenes in the game again, so the Englishman. For me that was not a penalty. Hummel does not even look at the ball and tries to fight out of the crowd only.

Also Erlang Haaland clear: a scandal

Goal Scorer Erlang Haaland took no less harsh words in the conversation with Via play. When it comes to the referee, it was a scandal.

The contentious scene, as players Marco Reus fell in the Bavaria’s penal area, was not tested by the video assistant, so the Norwegian: I asked him why he did not look at that. He said, ‘That’s not necessary.’ He was arrogant, but now I do not want to say more.

Marco Rose practices criticism — Player justifies decisions

Rose realized on the field of play and was then sent to the grandstand. I have suggested relatively emotionally that he was not right in several situations. And then you get yellow-red at the end. That’s stupid, said the BVB coach.

Player justified his decision afterwards. It has been checked how the poverty was. The video deferred rider has made a judgment and said: Hummel’s has stretched out the arm in an unnatural arms void. Then I looked at the monitor and came to the outcome that it is a criminal manual game.

The referee also justified his decision to have no penalty against Marco Reus at Tackling of Lucas Hernández: We all (…) always demand a robust two-stroke guide. We should run the games. Even at a high speed, contact may take place in the Weaker area, said Player and supplemented, For me, it is a situation that is not black and not white. I’ve been aware of my generous line against a penalty.