The Public Mutual Fund (PIF; Arabic: صندوق الإستثمارات العامة) is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. It is among the biggest sovereign riches funds in the globe with overall estimated assets of a minimum of $500 billion. It was developed in 1971 for the objective of investing funds on behalf of the federal government of Saudi Arabia.
Furthermore, it has been characterized as among the least clear sovereign riches funds in the globe. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal noted that none of the fund’s investments were named. The organization’s tasks have mixed controversy as a result of its relationship with the Saudi Arabian federal government and its human rights record. Some of PIF’s properties were transferred to the company in 2017 after the Saudi program carried out an anti-corruption cleanup wherein assets of 400 of Saudi Arabia’s richest people were taken by the regime. In 2021, PIF led a consortium that purchased Premier League club Newcastle United Football Club. The takeover stimulated condemnation by human rights organizations. The other 19 Premier League clubs condemned the Saudi takeover of Newcastle, mentioning that it damaged the brand name of the Premier League.

Since the takeover by the Saudi State Fund PIF in October 2021, Newcastle United is considered the rich football club in the world. Without a question an extremely comfortable situation. In the north of England, however, something is characterized, which had only very limited validity in football business: money alone is not everything.

After 13 match days, Newcastle United fools with the lean yield of six points on the floor of the Premier League table. The qualification for the international business has long since become a dream, the whereabouts in the league already not a little challenge.

No wonder so that the abundant millions should be used in winter to build the barely existing points in the second half. Stupid only that the stars of the scene seem to have little lust on the Trust every day in the English spreadsheet.

Many rumors, many cancellations

Marc-André TER Steven, Eden Hazard, Riyadh Mare, Axel Wiesel, Niklas’s See or Race Sterling: Rumors around the Magpies does not lack, but canceled to cancel just as little.

Marcelo Robotic could join the illustrious series. The midfielder from Inter Milan has to be free transfer at the end of the season and is not least for most top clubs on the note. According to The Athletic Newcastle United wants to suffocate the poker in the germ in winter by killing Robotic with a crazy salary.

However, the 29-year-old is supposed to anything but interested at a commitment to Newcastle, it continues to say. Not at all, as long as the descent habits over the Type.

Of course, Newcastle will still find reinforcements in winter and, of course, said crazy offers not every player will leave cold, but the rise of the Gray Premier League Easter is likely to be shaped for the swans title candidate.

Newcastle from decisive duel

Especially since the current starting situation the project league does not necessarily have to be the self-runner. Alone, because the grow of the existing staff, which should now get the coals from the fire, the motivation is expected to be exchanged in view of the prospect, anyway against expensive stars.

Eddie Howe, Newcastle face relegation crisis despite new ownership | Premier League | NBC Sports
Overcast the Daily Mail Newcastle’s Top stars Monroe Shelley was enthusiastic about the takeover and emphasized how unbelievable it would be to start with his heart club in the Champions League, but SHELLEY also restricted: Who knows if I still there.

An enormous finger watch, where the path could lead, it should be available for the coming weekend. Then Newcastle receives the penultimate Norwich City. In a bankruptcy, top talents and stars really likely can only be convinced with moon salaries from a change.