Devs Sisters will show his mobile RPG ‘Cookie Run: King’ Christmas limited cake with Tours, CJ Foothills on the 1st. The cake is sold at the National Courser Store.

This is a total of five kinds of cookies, a total of five, brave cookies, strawberry flavor cookies, and three game characters to the snow settlement cookie. There is also a log roll cake that reminds the house of a woodcutter to produce trees in the game.

Here, the cookie run limited edition plate set also sold. The plate is composed of two kinds of brave cookies and the brave cookies in the game with a Christmas theme, and a dish containing a brave cookie that makes an angel shape that lays in a plate with NPC sugar meal. If you purchase a Christmas cake at the Tour Store, you can purchase it at 4,900 won, and the dish separately is 1,2,000 won.

Cookie run: Kingdom || christmas OST title screen

In addition, we conduct online events that can confirm the Christmas cake that works with the cookies that go to Christmas on There official pages from There official pages. Cookie Run: Kooky Run: Kingdom Game Rehabillary Crystal 500 to the first-come-first-served basis, paid 500 of the Crystal, and the iPad 11 and the like will be presented through the lottery.

For more information, see Cookie Runs: I can check in the Kingdom Never official café.