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DFB Academy Inside Back to the World Top Now

Pena (Russian: Пе́нза, IPA: [ˈpʲɛnzə] is the largest city as well as administrative facility of Pena Oblast, Russia. It’s located on the Sure River, 625 kilometers (388 mi) southeast of Moscow. As of the 2010 Census, Pena had a population of 517,311, making it the 38th-largest city in Russia.

By Tobias Haunt (head of the DFB Academy)

Our national team has qualified as a group player for the World Cup in Qatar under Hans Flick. Our U-21 national team has become European champion this year. Our women’s national team has unbeaten for the European Championship in England. With Jürgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and Ralf Rang nick, three of the top clubs in England currently employ a German head coach — in addition to the FC Arsenal with a Mertesacker one of the World Cup heroes of Rio for the offspring is responsible. With Florian With, Karim Adam, David Room and Lukas Mecca, promising talents have celebrated their debut in the A national team this year. So if changes in German football are not necessary? But on the contrary!

Our starting position is still good. But we all have the highest demands, want to start the fifth star for Germany and at 2024 the summer fairy tale 2.0. In some areas, however, other nations have expired the rank — such as. In the consequence, the talents and their individual development in the center, the individual support of top talents in the transitional area as well as the subject of data analysis and new technologies. I would therefore like to look back on an important and eventful year at this point, in which we have already turned to decisive set screws in order to return to the world top and to be successful in the future.

Publisher & converting engine

The DFB Academy works in here and now at the success of the German football of tomorrow by using numerous experts (note: The male form includes all sexes) our 15 national teams — men and women equally supported as a pioneer and implementation engine content. In the Performance Center we have developed concrete solutions for our teams — z. B. in the areas of periodization, position-specific programs, goalkeeper DNA, sleep optimization, individual diet and leadership.

The Performance Center creates optimal content conditions in order to enable the greatest possible success of our teams on and in addition to the course. Our experts are based on international top football and regularly bring new impetus in German football. The solutions that are being developed will be provided with the entire football family. The motto is: Creating knowledge, share knowledge!

Pulse generator & competence center

Our claim is to be the impetus and competence center for all German football. Therefore, we turn each stone individually and build u. A. An own Tech Lab, in which the latest technologies discovered, tested and checked for their added values ​​for football. Technology and digitization not as an end in itself, but as a means for the purpose of creating concrete solutions for real existing problems. For example, new impetus for our national teams and German football have delivered two hackathon formats in which new insights have been recovered in automated game analysis. The DFB Academy’s own leadership podcast allows views over the box and provides unique insights from leaders of all social areas.

External education institution

The DFB Academy continued to establish itself as a training and continuing education institution of German football last year: We have reformed all coaching in Germany by replacing the license pyramid by a staircase. New licensing levels such as the B + and A + license strengthen the individual development in child and youth football. In addition, we have developed a children’s coach app and started a first pilot project with two regional trainer developers.

In addition, we specifically invest in the key positions of German football by offering specific training programs for the coaches (e.g. elite head coach training, Excellence training, etc.). For the sports directors of the future, we have launched in the narrow shoulder with the professional clubs and the DFL a separate training program — there are more certificate programs for the LA leaders, sports psychologists and team managers. Through special common scholarships of DFB and DFL, women in football are sponsored in these programs. In addition, we implement offers for current and former national speakers. The well-founded education and training of key positions is a crucial success factor for the future of German football. The motto is always: Man and his individual development are in the center!

Network & Exchange Platform

We’ve Eaten At EVERY Disney World Restaurant...and This Is What We Learned

Another important role for the future of German football, the DFB Academy comes as networking and exchange platform — both analog and digital. Already, themes are bundled on the platform of the Academy, and the top experts of German football exchange here regularly to work out together solutions to current challenges. After the joint US trip in 2019 as participated top decision makers of German football in this year’s Leadership Days in Kitzbühel 23rd In addition, for example, the medical conference and training series Football medicine have been established for those working in football doctors. Especially in the current pandemic also the digital ecosystem of the DFB Academy is used to stay with our players in contact and provide individual training content.

Beginning in 2022 represents the entire DFB another highlight and a milestone in the future development of: the draw of all DFB employees in the new DFB campus. The heart of the new building forms the DFB Academy, where the German football will get the first time in its 150-year history, its own sporting home. The culture change which has been more than three years, part of our DNA and is characterized by openness, honesty, transparency and mutual trust, will then be felt in the new home of the DFB for everyone. A next crucial step back to the top.

Tobias main (37), a Doctor Football, since 2018 head of the DFB Academy. Here he is responsible for u. A. the areas of performance, technology and innovation as well as the entire coaching and expert development in German football.

Once a month, write experts from the DFB Academy in Hansi Flick on the various topics such as Academy coach education, art school, Tactical School, Manager Certificate, nutrition, neuro-centered training or artificial intelligence. It’s all about development and progress in football — in short: Academy inside.

Circle Kia PMGC 2021 Grand Final

The Creighton announced the GRAND FINALS advance team of the Battle Ground Mobile Info Top Level Tournament ‘Pub Mobile Global Championship (PMC) 2021.

Since November 30th, PMC 2021, which is on online, is the East 20 teams and WEST 20 teams, and 40 teams participated in Battle Ground Mobile Strength of the Battle Ground Mobile Stalling and $6 million (KRW 7.1 billion) Competition in size. Three weeks of League Stage and League Super Wizard and League Finals have progressed, and 16 teams to enter the grand finals held in January.

In East, the top nine teams, which recorded the most points in the League Super Wench (South Korea), ▲ D’Xavier (Southeast Asia), ▲ STALWART ESPORTS (MENA / South Asia), ▲ Nova ESPORTS (China), ▲ Sigma Galaxy (MENA) / South Asia), ▲ The Infinity (MENA / South Asia), ▲ Six Two Eight (China), ▲ Team Secret (MENA / South Asia), ▲ 4RIVALS (Southeast Asia) confirmed the Grand Fine.

These are the top six teams of the League West Finals, the top six teams, ▲ Laos Next RUA (Europe), ▲ NATU Sincere (Europe), ▲ Furious Gaming (America), ▲ Alpha7 Esports (America), ▲ S2G ESPORTS (Europe), ▲ 1907 Fenerbahçe ESPORTS (Europe) and the Grand Final.

Mongered Kia won the winning on the league east final, and won the PMC 2021 Grand Final, and won the $360,000 won (about $430 million). European Laos Next RUA also receives the same prize as the winner of League West Finals. In addition, DWG KIA’s Sung players showed excellent performance, including the longest accumulated survival time in East during the League Finals period, squares the special awards ‘The Survivor’ and acquiring $2,000.

The PMC 2021 Grand Finals, which will take three days from January 21, 2022, to 23, the East and West 15 teams and the Indian League Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGI) championship team, and 16 teams participate. Currently, BGI is in progress.

Three-day Grand Finals have a lot of kills and high rankings, and the team that earns the final point is the champion of PMC 2021. The winning prize is $3 million (about 3.5 billion won) half of the total prize money.

All the competitions are scheduled to be relayed in battleground mobile formula YouTube channels.

Pokemon Go Master League PvP multi-level rankings

Path of Exile is an action-RPG computer game situated in a world of Dark Dream. It is developed and produced in New Zealand by the Independent Workshop Grinding Equipment Games (EN). In his systems of play, his environment and also his visuals style, he is really close to Diablo II. Course of Expatriation is a free-to-play video game, that is, without membership or preliminary acquisition, easily downloadable yet using the possibility of making micro-transactions in the game. The video game is consistently updated with expansions.

If you played Pokémon GO, You may have noticed that you can fight against other PVP players. All this is part of the Pokémon Go Battles of Trainers and to participate, you must first choose the league to which you want to reach you. There are three in total, the Great League, the Ultra League and the Master League. The first two of these are accompanied by a CP limit, 1,500 and 2,500 respectively, while the master league has none.

With me so far? Good.

Now, it should be quite obvious to say that the leagues are designed to be played by specific coaches, for example, if you are new in the game, enter the Great League as if you are trying ultra or master, you are going to be Very killed. You will also find that each league has a multi-level ranking system, which means you can fight more weakly Pokémon to help you reach an acceptable level before tackling the toughest.

If you do not know which Pokémon you should fight and what you should avoid until you are strong enough to face them, so that’s where this practical guide goes into play.

The level structure is the next, the rank 5 is the lowest and therefore has the easiest Pokémon to fight, and rank 1 is the most difficult and should be tempted only if you have strong enough Pokemon in your arsenal.

Pokémon Go: Master League PVP, multi-level rankings

Rank 5

Albanian Golem
Albanian Sand slash
Ar canine
Craw daunt
Gran bull
Infer nape
Jolt eon
The Veganism
Sand slash

Rank 4

Ab sol
Albanian UK

Leaf eon

Steel ix
Vapor eon

Rank 3

Her across

Rank 2

Armored Mew two
Dragon ite
Heat ran
Ky ogre
Mel metal
Mew two
Swam pert
Zap dos

Rank 1

Di alga
Gar chomp
Grating (modified form)
Grating (original form)
Mach amp
Ron flex

Cooper Carbine Warzone PC Player 24 Best Attachments and Classes

There is a trend in Call of Duty War zone that at least one newly added Battle Pass weapon an absolute monster and the War zone Meta accepts. In Season 1 of War zone Pacific this was no different, and the Cooper Carbine assault rifle quickly became a firm favorite among the players.

Although it was made quickly by some nerfs, it is still a viable AR and one of the best War zone weapons in Battle Royale. It also filled a void that was left by the previously overwhelming Automaton War zone PC Player 24, which was heavily nerfed at about the same time as the Cooper.

But how to best set up and use this versatile assault rifle and the best Cooper Carbine create War zone equipment? What implements you need to transform into a laser beam, and what other pieces of equipment you should choose to form a great class?

We have developed in our opinion, currently the most powerful Cooper carabiner PC player 24 in the game.

Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24

So we have set up our Best Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24 for War zone Pacific Season 1:

snout: MX-silencer
Drum: 22 Cooper Custom
Appearance: G16 2.5x
share Cooper 45W
underflow: M1941 hand stop
Journal: 9 mm 60 round drums
ammunition: Extends
Rear handle: leather handle
Advantage 1: Get a grip
Advantage 2: Fully charged

While the loss figures for the Cooper carbine the best are barely in its class, this build aims instead to increase your rate of fire and accuracy to ensure that you make every shot and still achieve rapid time to kill.

The #1 COOPER CARBINE CLASS SETUP in Warzone Pacific! (Overpowered)
The real stars of this build are the tight grip advantage that offers you a ridiculous recoil control with sustained fire, which transforms him like vending machine in a laser, and the 60-round magazine, which you more balls and more fire lends rate while it still helps to recoil control.

Elsewhere, the extended ammunition increases your bullet velocity significantly and leather handle improves your ADS-speed.

This Cooper Carbine build is not the hardest hitter, but he is currently one of genauesten AR’s in War zone.

Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24 secondary

Since the Cooper Carbine is designed in this class for long-haul, you want an SMG as a secondary device for dogfighting. Since the Cooper can blow balls, it is also worth an SMG with a decent magazine to have, you can pull out rather than wait for your reloads Cooper.

We think that the best choice for the job of MP40 is, and find the perfect build in our MP40 War zone PC Player 24 guide.

Cooper Carbine War zone PC Player 24 perks and power equipment

For the advantages in this class we recommend Double Time, Overkill and Combat Scout. Since the Cooper Carbine lacks the damage numbers of some of his colleagues AR, enemies can sometimes get away with a remaining health. Combat Scout allows you and your squad to keep an eye on them so that you can take out a few shots before they have a chance to heal.

In terms of equipment, we recommend throwing knives to downcast enemies to eliminate fast, and a heartbeat sensor. Replace this Stun grenades from when you play Vanguard Royale where heartbeat sensors are prohibited.

There you have it, then, our favorite PC Player 24 from Cooper Carbine Warzone Pacific Season 1 Give it a try and let us know what you think of this deadly accurate assault rifle.

Wow Too little twinks for the magic foil Magned tower by class

The magic tower offers most players a big challenge. Others, in turn, make it artificially heavier by, for example, play the tank challenge as an owl or the half of the equipment. Significantly lighter, but still heavier than on normal way, is to complete the scenarios with a char from the class sample. These are automatically highlighted at level 50 and also getting ordinary equipment missed. However, completely without socket or special pieces of jewelry and the like.

Nevertheless, good enough to create the challenges in the ministry tower with the support of some consumables. This proves us BicePPump in the video after being accused of having managed the other exams only because of his good equipment.

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External content more in our privacy policy.

Why should someone do this?

The question of why you should make it harder with characters from the class sample than necessary is easy to answer. Because it is sometimes easier, or you have no choice.

7 Overpowered Twink Items In Classic WoW

This is especially true for the players whose goal of the sailing magic foil is. For this you have to complete all seven scenarios successfully. But you need at least three characters and only if you master the majority of playing these characters. Since you may not stand on carpenters, then even a fourth or fifth char must serve. That’s already more than most players have. The class test creates remedy here and give you a reasonably suitable premade character for the magic tower.

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External content more in our privacy policy.

On the other hand, it can simplify the matter if you change the class. Some exams are simpler with other classes and specializations. Anyone who does not make the healer challenge with the Holy Priest simply should try the Holy Paladin. As a thank you change to the warrior and makes it a bit easier and even with the tests of the damage splitters, there are big differences — which is tricky with a shadow priest, runs almost by the frost-magician or accuracy hunter.

How hard ends up the exams and agree with the consensus that some are much harder than others?.

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GTA Trilogy Free game for owners of the PC version

Grand Theft Automobile: San Andreas is an open-world, action-adventure video clip game created by Rock star North as well as released by Rockstar Games. First released on 16 October 2004 for the PlayStation 2, San Andreas has an in-game radio that can listen to eleven terminals playing greater than 150 tracks of qualified songs, along with a talk radio station. The songs included on the radio stations came from or prior to the very early 1990s, the period in which the game is established.
The game’s music has actually been launched on 2 main soundtracks: Grand Theft Vehicle: San Andreas Official Soundtrack, launched in November 2004, is composed of selections from the in-game radio; and Grand Theft Vehicle: San Andreas Official Soundtrack Box Set, launched in December 2004, contains eight quantities making up highlights from the game’s radio stations. Important function to the soundtracks declared, as reviewers felt that the selected tracks connected suitably with the gameplay as well as duration.

Rockstar Games distributes a free game to all owners of the GTA Trilogy on PC. Anyone who calls the definitive edition in the Rockstar Games their own or plans to buy the collection for GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City by January 5, 2022, a PC full version may be in his game collection. You can choose from GTA 5: Premium Edition, GTA 4: Complete Edition, Max Payne 3, La Noise and Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Free game or more moieties

If the game selection for you nothing is ready, you can alternatively replenish your accounts at GTA Online or Red Dead online. For the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5 you snap a Great White Shark Card, for DO, there are 55 gold bars. The action runs until January 5, 2022, and exclusively in the Rock star Launcher. The distribution of the free game is likely to serve as a comfort paving for the messed launch of the GTA Trilogy.

Shortly after the release on November 11, Rockstar Games had to remove the GTA Trilogy again from the launcher — the collection was neither buy nor playing. On Twitter, the developers informed that the PC version comprises some content that should not be part of the game. Little later, the definitive edition returned, at the end of November, a comprehensive patch with more than 100 bug fixes appeared, which became some coast technical problems. In our test to the GTA Trilogy you read, why you’d rather leave your fingers from the collection.

Via Desert

From David Martin

Rockstar Apologizes for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition; Offers Originals to PC Owners for FREE
21.12.2021 at 08:38

Over 100 European servers disappear from New World

Rescue for New World is coming.

Amazon Games finally published the details of the gigantic combination of servers, which will hit the New World in the near future — here.

When it comes to the region of Europe, we will say goodbye to over a hundred servers, which is… more than half of the existing EU worlds (190).

Among the victims there are also Polish servers: Maya, Wichita and Zápara — that is, respectively, the fourth and fifth server en (counting from the date of the creation).

The countrymen from the combined worlds will be transferred to the Anaheim Kappa group, which is probably to two other worlds’ en: Barbara and Bran.

Data Server Merge has not yet been given, although it is known that it will be some next Wednesday.

Both worlds (this attached and the one who accepts the second world) will receive a notification in the game that players can expect to combine worlds. The world that will be connected will receive information on Friday before the merger, and the world that will receive it will receive a notification in the game on Monday.

Players in these worlds will not lose progress in the game (including gold, objects, factions, companies, etc.), but territories will still belong to the world that has accepted the world combined.

Connecting servers is very needed, because 3/4 of all new world servers are currently on the edge of the fall. Number of online players on such worlds — during rush hour — does not exceed 200 people, as for Polish servers (Massively Multiplayer…) is a pathetic result.

Hansa Rostock s rocky path in the wildlife park

Newcomer Rostock left last belonging springs. After the Cup Object Final Feeder in Regensburg (4: 2 I.e.) and win against Düsseldorf (2: 1) and again Regensburg (3: 2) followed a thunder stress from last four games without victory. Recently, the huge lost 0: 3 at HSV. The view must now be directed down, the relegation place is for Table 14. Only five points away.

For the annual financial statements, Rostock is in Karlsruhe on Sunday (13.30, live! At Newcomer). The Baden won not only on the 1st match day with 3: 1 at FC Hans, but most recently at 3: 2 against Dagenham self-confidence.

Afflict for Kansas Chef coach Jens Cartel added that he has two open positions in his starting eleven. The 52-year-old must replace the yellow-banned power carrier Lukas Fryer and John Verse.

Fryer missed the reunion with his regular club. The 26-year-old has been used since it’s lending at the end of August by the KSC in all twelve games. For him, Ryan Malone (29) could defend before the defense, which is similarly robust, battle and head staring. That would be the defensive variant. As an offensive alternative, Simon Than could play side by side as an eighth on the six backs and Hanna Bearers as well as Bentley Baxter Railway. Midfielder Bjorn Other does not appear to be an option.

Is Verge to replace at all?

F.C. Hansa Rostock 2010/2011 -  Eine Saison in Bildern

First-leg Scorer Heroes, who has scored ten of the 19 Hans goals and stood in all 17 games in the starting eleven, should be difficult to replace. The alternatives are Street Mamba, Ridge Mussy and Pascal Blair, who only met twice together. It will be a heavy gear for the Rockers in the Wild park.


FIFA 22 is a football simulation computer game released by Digital Arts as part of the FIFA series. It is the 29th installation in the FIFA series, as well as was released worldwide on 1 October 2021 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X/S. Dylan Mbappé is the cover athlete for the 2nd consecutive year.

Discover the solution for the DCE Derby Della Madonna, a team creation challenge to be done on the fashion was FIFA 22. This DECK is intended to save you a gold players pack by completing it.

Note that this challenge begins on Wednesday, December 15 at 7pm and lasts two days, ending on Friday, December 17 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a gold players pack.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Derby Della Madonna is a unique challenge, related to the event versus on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

Recommendation: Yes
Probable credit gain? No

Derby Della Madonna, the criteria

Milan AC or LATER players: Minimum 1

Different nationalities: maximum 5
Same club: minimum 3
Rare cards: minimum 1
Overall team rating: 80
Collective: Minimum 80
Reward: A Gold Players Pack
End of the challenge: Friday, December 17 at 19h
Price: 6.3k

Derby Della Madonnina SBC Completed - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22
Our example of a solution for DCE DERBY DELLA Madonna was made with the Fut bin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Assassin s Creed Valhalla Interwoven stories for free today

As we have already reported yesterday, Assassin’s Creed was announced interwoven stories, the first game overarching project of the series. This is headed by Ubisoft Quebec in close cooperation with Ubisoft Montreal. The content aims to answer the question What happens if two Assassins Creed Heroes meet? To answer.

Assassin’s Creed Resulted Stories will be available from 14 December for anyone who owns the respective main games.

A story will be playable in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and an Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The stories explore the connections between the heroes of the two games and offer new environments that applies to exploring, as well as a rich storyline.

ASSASSIN'S CREED VALHALLA Kassandra DLC Gameplay Walkthrough Crossover Stories FULL GAME [4K 60FPS]
For the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla History A fate of fate must have been reached the settlement level 4 and the task has been completed a wise girlfriend, in which Survivor helps to settle in Hraefnathorp.

For the story of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey who are important to us, players must have completed Chapter 1 and Regards have reached to access the content. However, it is advisable to complete the three action strands of the main game (family, cult of cosmos and mythology) to avoid spoilers.

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