The German Football League (GFL) is an American football league in Germany as well as was created in 1979. Playing policies are based on those of the American NCAA. In 1999, the organization switched its name from American-Football-Bundesliga to German Football League.

With the world champions Horst Nickel (1954) Jürgen Kohler (1990) and Miroslaw Close (2014) and Joachim Stretch, the (scorer) of the East German National Team, were four sizes different generations of players in the Hall of Fame of German football.

The 30-member jury with leading sports journalists from all over Germany also elected Udo Latter as a coach in the Hall of Fame, which was established in 2019 on the initiative of the German Football Museum each with a foundation of self of women and men to life. With the new additions, the number of Hall of Fame members to a total of 39 early next year, the jury will also decide on the re-recording of an additional five personalities of the women’s game.

The 89-year-old Nickel is the last surviving hero of Bern. In 1954, he won the German national team as the youngest player in the squad sensational the world title in Switzerland. It is my great honor to have been chosen as the fourth world champion from 1954 to Fritz Walter, Helmut Ran and Sept Hershberger, the Walther-Bense man-winners cited the year 2020: Winning the World Cup was not only the success of Fritz, Helmut or me. It was a joint success. We were a team. Moreover, Nickel with 1. FC Kaiserslautern was twice German champion.

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2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame class

With the 70-year string, there is now a fourth player in the Hall of Fame, which has its roots in the East German football. Previously Dixie Corner, Matthias Summer and Michael Black had already been appointed. That makes me proud. On such a call can not wait, yes. I must now first process, said East German Oberliga-scorer string that holds best values ​​in the national team with 102 caps and 55 goals.

Kohler, now 56 years old, has pretty much won in the course of his career up to the DFB Cup everything there is to win in football. The uncompromising defender is world champion, European champion, German champion, UEFA Cup winners, winners of the Champions League and World Cup winner. Admission to the Hall of Fame feel Kohler as a huge honor. With 105 international matches is Kohler still in the top 10 players with the most appearances in the German national team.

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Close (43) writes the recent history of the new members in the Hall of Fame. The attacker with the iconic Salto jubilation was in 2014 with the DFB team world champion in Brazil — and was there with his total of 16 matches at the same time World Cup top scorer. With 137 inserts Close is behind Other Matthews second place in the National team statistics DFB. Close, who is pleased about another great moment in my career, participated in four World Cups, scoring always at least two goals.

As the fifth and last member of the jury for the 2015 already deceased Udo Latter. He is still the most successful German club coach, eight German championships and three DFB Cups won Latter with Playback and Bayern. 1974 Latter brought with FCB the European Champions Cup, from the Playback coach icon adopted in 1979 with the UEFA Cup.

For the Hall of Fame basically German personalities can be nominated from the men’s and women’s soccer from 1900 until today who have completed at least five years her career. The official ceremony of the new members is to take place in autumn next year at a gala event at the German Football Museum.

So far have been chosen:

men, born in 2021: Jürgen Kohler (Defense), Horst Nickel (Midfield), Joachim Stretch, Miroslaw Close (both attack), Udo Latter (trainer).

men, born in 2020: Berth Volts (Defense), Andreas Mueller, Michael Black (both midfield), Klaus Fischer, Audi Roller (both attack).

men, born in 2019: Oliver Khan (gate), Hans-Juergen Corner (Defense), Wolfgang Overate (Midfield), Jürgen Kinsman (attack), Helmut Scion (trainer).

Women born in 2019 (founding Self): Silk Rotten berg (gate), Staff Jones, Doris Kitchen, NIA Under (Defense), Renate Linger, Silvia Had, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, Bettina Riemann (Midfield), Ink Brings, Birgit Print, Heidi Moor (attack), Tina Then (trainer).

men, born in 2018 (founding Self): Sept Maier (Tor), Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Crater, Andreas Bremen (Defense), Günter Nether, Other Matthews, Fritz Walter, Matthias Summer (Midfield), We Seller, Herd Müller Helmut Ran (attack), Sept Hershberger (trainer).

The jury is made up:

Dirk Adam (Focus Online), Frederik Areas (Hamburg Morgenpost), Ger not Bauer (Eurosport), Michael Bracer (DAZN), Gianni Costa (Headache Post), Alfred Dealer (Image), Ralph Curry (SID), Stefan Frogman (World / World on Sunday), Thomas Furman (IDF), Pit Gottschalk (Sport1), Anna Becker (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Christian Hollman (DPA), Jörg Jakob (German football), André Rail (VS), Sasha Klaverkamp (Ruhr news), Erich Laser (VS), Alexander Lax (Hamburger Barenblatt), Christian Lower (Cologne City-Anzeiger), Frank Robes (RTL), Tin Meyer (Saxon Newspaper), Peter Müller (Spark Sport), Mario Name (SKY), Manuel Kirchner (German Football Museum), Halo Ostendorp (AND), Dirk Pray (Stuttgart Newspaper / Stuttgart er News), Katrin Schulz (Tagesspiegel), Dirk Sailor (Sport1), Steffen Simon (ARD), Martin Volkmar (Spot, Goal), Mark Washout (Saarbrücken Dating).