Andy Schmidt from the Bundesliga Rhein-Neckar Lower has made parts of their own fans for their behavior on the Internet. Dear Lower fans, dear social media-rambos, wrote the club icon in the season’s jewelry at Instagram: Yes, the situation is not good, she is even right…!

Permitted criticism and displeasure The supporters are therefore completely okay. But there are people who have at Mother and Dad formerly too little attributed to what they are respectful. To you: stay away from this club, looking for another Destination for your infants. The ambitious lions stand after the bitter 28:28 against the DARK Leipzig on Tuesday after 13 lots only ranked twelve and were therefore partly hard and improper.

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Andy Schmid | Rhein-Neckar Löwen | 2020/2021
Schmidt’s contract in Mannheim runs out in the summer after twelve years, 2016 and 2017, the Swiss had led his team as a player of the season to the championship title. The world-class playmaker returns to Switzerland at the end of the season with his family.