According to Leak, you get with PS plus in December 2021 a fun coop title for a few cold winter evenings. Mango introduces you the title and tell you why he could be worthwhile for you.

Meanwhile, there are some leaks to PS plus in December 2021. One of them should be a cool coop title, which might be worthwhile for the cold winter evenings. Mango introduces you the game and explains, for whom the game could be worthwhile.

Consider, however, that this is a leak. Sony has not yet officially confirmed that this game will really create in PS plus in December 2021. If the rumors are right, we update the article for you.

All other rumors and speculation by PS plus in December 2021 you will also find here with us on Mango.

A Lego game where you may want to play the bad guys

What kind of game is it? In the Lego game LEGO DC Super-Villains, she slips into the well-known DC villains like Joker, Harley Quinn or Dead shot and beat them through various locations.

The LEGO game offers you many well-known contents that Lego fans are already known to be known:

A story from 15 chapters that you can play through. Then you can play the levels again with free characters and discover more secrets.
The game also offers a small, open game world where you can find extra tasks and other things
In addition, a total of more than 150 minifigures are available, which can all be unlocked one after the other, all attracting their own special skills.

Like any Lego game, LEGO DC Super-Villains also offers you a local co-op mode.

What else is especially at the game? On YouTube you can view the official launch trailer for the game. Here you can also listen to an absolute highlight of the game: because both in English and in German the speakers are top occupied.

If you should be more powerful, then you should definitely change the game in English, because here is some Joker again spoken by Mark Hamill or Batman of Kevin Conroy.

Lego games make in the coop twice as much fun

What is that for a co-op? How every LEGO game can you also play LEGO DC Super-Villains in the couch coal. An online multiplayer does not offer Lego games, you can only play the game together on a console.

Together, you can fight, puzzle and build in the splits screen through the 15 chapters, which can be genotypical as always very chaotic. But this is also due to the strange camera renewal, which feels every well-known Lego game as faithfully accompanied as humor and the many allusions.

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