The Golden Joystick Awards (Golden Phone Call Award in its Spanish translation), also called Individuals’s Gaming Awards, is a fulfilling ceremony of computer game which offers the most effective computer game of the year, as voted originally by the basic public British, now it can be elected by anybody online. As of 2018, the event turned 36 years of ages. It is the 2nd oldest video game award event after Arcade Awards. The rewards initially concentrated on computer system games, but then included additionally include console video games, due to the success of video game consoles such as Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive in the United Kingdom. The event is not related to the award approved to effective entrants in Games master, a British TV program.

The Golden Joystick Awards 2021 finally decide a question that has been circling through the gamer community for years: namely, what is the best gaming platform. This has been officially confirmed: According to the Golden Joystick Awards, the PC is the nonplus ultra of the gaming hardware of all time!

What are the Golden Joystick Awards? Since 1983, every year in the Golden Joystick Awards, prices for games and gaming will be awarded. The vote is online and everyone can participate. 2021 The ceremony took place on 23 November.

The whole thing was presented by the actors Nolan North and Emily Rose, which, among other things in the Uncharted series, embody the characters Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher.

In addition to the best games in various genres, there are also prices to fundamental topics, such as the best storytelling or hardware. There, there were 2021 an interesting new category.

PlayStation 5 wins price for hardware 2021, but the PC is the best for all times

What has the PS5 won? In the category Best Gaming Hardware, the PlayStation 5 won this year. That was the graphics card RTX 3080 last year. But those who now chose as PS5 fan and sees the current PlayStation as the best hardware, the list of awards must read the end.

Why is the PC anyway the nonplus ultra? Because at the end of the list there is 2021 a new category, which chives the ultimate game of the year, the ultimate game of all time and the ultimate hardware of all time. And in hardware, the PC became a nonplus ultra of all time.

The price was adopted by Valve-Chef Gabe Newell. The said in his short speech that players and developers benefited equally enormously from the numerous innovations of PC gaming hardware.

After all, there has been the PC for decades as a gaming platform and a fully developed gaming PC continues to beat every console in terms of performance and presentation.

What was excellent? The ultimate game of the year (and best PS5 Game) became Resident Evil Village, while Hitman 3 became the best PC game. Psychopath 2 Dusted the price for the Xbox and the Mobile-Lol Wild Rift is the best mobile game 2021. Top game of all time is by the way Dark Souls.

The best studio is 2021 Cap com, of which Resident Evil also comes. This also fits the award for the best actress, the Maggie Robertson received for its performance as a vampire lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

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So much to the Golden Joystick Awards 2021. What do you say to the selection? Would you have tuned differently? Then let us know here in the comments here.

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