Taken 7 will not have taken a long time. A dozen days only after Dragon Ball Fighter and Dragon Ball Xenoversese 2 have passed the 8 million sales mark, Banzai NAMC announces that Taken 7 has also made this admirable performance.

TEKKEN 7 Ending - The Truth

As a reminder, last April TAKEN 7 celebrated its 7 million sales, the game of Mutsuhito Hard still attracted many players this year despite the fact that the end of the season 4 marked to the same period the conclusion of updates. Not what Demotivate Banzai NAMC announces for the occasion the immediate availability of two new editions on digital platforms.

TAKEN 7: Originals Edition Contains the basic game with the Frame data display feature and the 12 characters out of DLC: Eliza, Anna Williams, Lei Wu long, Craig Marduk, Armor King, Julia Chang, Weighing, Gary, Leroy Smith, Fahkumram, Kunimitsu, Lidia Soyinka. It costs 89.99 euros on PC and 99.99 euros on consoles.

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For late sales in search of exhaustiveness, Taken 7: Definitive Edition offers the game and content of the four Season Pass, namely the 12 aforementioned characters but also the cosmetic levels, features and bonuses. Price: 109.99 euros on PC and 119.99 euros on consoles.

In the radius of historical franchises, Taken 7 was more efficient than Street Fighter V (5 million) but bows before Mortal Kombat 11 (12 million). If we allow Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to take part in the debates, it is of course the game of Nintendo that puts everyone to the carpet with its 25 million sales.


TAKEN 7 — New editions available