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The Saiyan War FULL STORY - Dragon Ball In Depth
Everything you have to know has been presented on the video above. Already on the following month, specifically on December 15 at 18:00 Polish time, Return of the Siemens will open a new universe aka new server entitled Burma. You can wait, or you can enter the game now — here. Return of the Siemens is Dragon Ball Ball MMORPG created on the upgraded Tibia engine. Many elements (from the world of games, characters, animation, etc.) were created from scratch, so what, but what, but Return of the Siemens is certainly not a countertop Tibia, even though some elements can seem familiar. Besides, Dragon Ball fans do not have too much choice. In addition to Dragon Ball Online Sendai, it is vain to look for other Ball MMORPG attention in this world.