[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The first work of the first work Destiny Child was the first time the shift of the shift-up, which has won the first place in Korea, the goddess of the victory was naked. Illustrator Kim Hyung TAE, which has a wide range of fan layers, is attracting attention with attractive characters and unique game properties.

The shift-up (representative Kim Hyung TAE) introduced the detailed features of the new mobile game Nike: Winning Goddess.

Nike: The goddess of victory is a three-person pitching game that is a main character to fight the combat and Android Nike that is fighting against mankind as a background as a background. In mobile, Kim Hyung TAEs unique high-quality illustrations are added to the unreacted TPS method, and it is attracting attention to the japanese.

NIKKE ~ The Goddess of Victory - G-Star 2021 Trailer (Full version) - Shift Up - Mobile - KR

The shift-up is a company that is not so much to expose external exposure, The goddess of the victory was emphasized that the goddess of victory was important to us.

Nike: The goddess of victory is a differentiation element that appears as a live 2D technology that seems to have an animation and the illustrations that is as an illustrative character as it is. Other girl games are in combat content and see a big difference that is abbreviated as an SD character.

Kim said, I was prepared to have a full set of stance, and a full-time SD character, and a full set of shooting posture, he prepared to see the charm of characters, he said.

This game has heard that he had a shot that emphasizes the fun of shooting and a colorful combat experience. We use the enemy to avoid the attacks of the enemy, and implemented the fighting and fighting the opponents weakness, and prepared to create a variety of variables, including partial destruction and attack jersey. You can also enjoy the fun of a rich battle through a string, attack, and defense, but using character combinations, strategies, and optional skills.

Nickels with a variety of personality and charm are also the factors that make the game stand out. Nickels have implemented fun that they can choose from a variety of weapons and performance, respectively. The Type Sheath Shift-up Director said, I have been preparing for 20 Nike sat the time of the first presentation in 2019, I am aiming to make up 60 Nikes in the launching for strategic combinations.

As a result of the development phase, the revenue model (BM) is not discussed. The Type Director Nike: I am not an important value in the process of developing the goddess of the victory. Therefore, BM did not discuss it yet.

Kim Hyung-tae, said, I do not welcome all equal value of the world. So I do not hesitate to reveal my color, and this keynote will continue. Everyone I do not necessarily have to do it, but I am aiming to make a game that I want to do, he said.

Nike: Nike: The goddess of victory is developing in a popular and universal form that many more than my character, color, he said, he said, he said, he said.