Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (, Bishop Sens hi Era Mun)is a Japanese Takamatsu TV collection based on the Sailor Moon manga developed by NATO Takashi. It was produced by Tea Company. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(typically described as PSM)was first program by Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, broadcasting on that terminal in Nagoya and also on the Japan News Network nationwide from October 4, 2003, to September 25, 2004. The series was a retelling of the very first Sailor Moon story arc, albeit with considerable plot divergences. The opening style, entitled Iraqi Sailor Fantasize! (!, Iraqi Era Doris!), was executed by J-pop vocalist Panama Bukhara under the name SAE (). The collection lasted 49 episodes(called Acts ) and likewise included 2 different made-for-DVD specials.

In Japan, it is very common to see anime adapted for the theater. Although most of these productions can only be found in this country, this has begun to change little by little. Now, it was recently revealed that the works of Naruto, My Hero Academy, Sailor Moon and more, will be available globally through streaming.

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Recently, Japan 2.5D Stage Play World announced that the works of live spectacle Naruto, My Hero Academy The Ultra Stage, and pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical Nogizaka46 See. 2019 will be available in the West through streaming from next December 10. These productions can be enjoyed at the official website of the company for only $15 dollars.

On the other hand, on January 7, 2022, live spectacle Naruto will be added: The Tale of Suzuki Naruto and pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical Nagoya Hims Beloved. Unlike the other three productions, which were available in our region similarly in August of this year, These two productions are completely new for the public of the West, for which they will cost $20 dollars each.

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These five works will be available to the public through streaming on the official website of 2.5D Stage Play World. However, the productions will be withdrawn on February 3, 2022. All regions, except North Korea, China, Russia and the Middle East, have access to these adaptations.

On related topics, this is the official name of the new Manga de Jojos Bizarre Adventure. Similarly, a new Game of Dragon Ball is already under development.

Editors note:

These are good news for anime fans. This type of productions never come to the West with real actors, so having these presentations by streaming is the best thing that is for the time being. Will you see any?