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While NVIDIA has had DSS readily available for some time, it does depend upon game assistance with a compatible NVIDIA GPU. So we saw AMD come along with Fidelity Super Resolution that worked throughout both vendors and currently NVIDIA has something of an answer with their own open source Image Scale.

The announcement came as part of their release of DSS 2.3 today, which has countless making renovations to give and also clearer picture.

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On Windows, the NVIDIA control board has a choice for a driver-based spatial upscale which unfortunately Linux does not have and this has actually been updated. The good news is, we will not totally lose out on it as the more recent Photo Scaling is now open source, so any type of developer can add it right into their video game with the NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK v1.0 now offered on GitHub under the MIT certificate. Ideally it can then wind up totally cross-platform after that too.

Nvidia has a new 'FSR Killer'... and it's not DLSS

NVIDIA state it offers best-in-class image top quality when compared with various other technology. They also showed off a contrast with this description:

Below s a comparison from Necromancy: Employed Weapon, comparing 3 scaling techniques against the video game s indigenous rendering at 4K. On the left, with the game s integrated temporal anti-aliasing, the monitor s text is rather clear. Making Use Of NVIDIA Image Scaling as well as various other spatial upscale rs, the resolution is decreased to 2955×1622 and the text ends up being illegible, though performance does boost to even more usable degrees.

On the other hand, NVIDIA DSS provides at 1920×1080, yet through the magic of AI and also GeForce RTX Tensor Cores, picture top quality is better than native 4K, the display s text is clearer, and also performance is greater than doubled, offering players the conclusive experience in Necromancy: Hired Gun.

Article drawn from compatible NVIDIA.