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Dragon Ball fans are allowed to be happy, because with Dragon Ball: The Breakers who are in the development team DUMPS in progress, we expect a new multiplayer title in which we compete against well-known villains of the series — or just can slip into their skin.

When will the game appear? Dragon Ball: The Breakers should appear 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Cell, Freezer and Co. against the survivors

This is how the game works: In the asymmetric online multiplayer by Dragon Ball: The Breakers there are two sides each: that of the robber and those of the seven survivors. As a robber, she slips into the role of one of the mighty villains of the Dragon Ball series, whether Cell, Boo or Freezer. Your goal is to hunt the survivors and bring to the track.


As a surviving, however, you are traveling as well-known characters like Burma or Oblong. Since you have no super forces, you have to work together to push back the robber and try to escape with the help of a super-time machine before the villain. On the extensive playing field you can find useful items, such as entering hooks, vehicles or even weapons.

Character adaptation: In addition, there should be the opportunity to adapt our characters according to our wishes. This should include the appearance like outfits and skins as well as a PERK system with which we can probably customize our play style individually.

How the whole thing looks like in the game, you can take a closer look at the first trailer:

And here you can also view some screenshots from the game:



Dragon Ball: The Breakers View picture

Closed beta should follow

Until 2022 we have to be patient until Dragon Ball: The Breakers for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC should appear. In advance, however, there should be Memphis a closed beta in which we can try the game once. So far, however, it was only announced for PC, whether a console version follows, is not yet clear.

What do you think of the new Dragon Ball game?