[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) released a new cinematic video of a new mobile game Summer Mourner: Chronicle (Chronicle), which is scheduled to release next year.

Chronicle is a massive multi-adoption role in development based on the Witness Summer Mourner intellectual property (IP) (MMORPG). It is characterized by that the Peking water system, which is a summer, a core content, is fabricated by MMORPG.

This game also announced the development of the development of P2E in the form of a blockchain recently attracted the attention. The company plans to make a P2E game that combines the protocol economy that combines the performance of the game play through block-based items and goods on Summer Nu rums.

Com2us was held on the 13th, the Global e-Sports Competition Summer Nournzworld Arena Championship 2021 (SWC2021) The New Cinematic image of Chronicle was surprised at the World Final. In the video released this time, a variety of pet character, which has succeeded the three-person summoner and Summer Journo, who attracted the story of Chronicle, such as Or via, King, Cliff.

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On the other hand, Chronicle is ahead of the first quarter of next year and will support both mobile and PC platforms. The user can feel the fun of strategic play through the battle with the pet and a team, and the desert, the glacier belt, and the continent of various concepts, such as the Bingo, can enjoy a party play that fights with colleagues.