The German Ice Hockey Organization (DEL) (due to a sponsoring authorities Cent del) is the greatest lake course in German ice hockey. When established in 1994, she was the first German Profiling, whose video game procedure was executed by a firm business and whose clubs paused their expert groups in firms. The Del industrial firm mph is today lawfully, financially and also organizationally independent and also a merger of the del clubs. The predecessor organization was the ice hockey Bundesliga existing between 1958 and also 1994. Tape champ of the DEL are the polar bears Berlin with 8 German championships. The workplace of DEL, the supposed Ligature, lies in Neuss. The Del was the very first Kraichgauerinen moveding activities league in Germany, which was arranged as a company. The instance of the DEL followed later on all significant German Kraichgauerinen moveds organizations, for instance, with the beginning of Basketball-Bundesliga GmbH 1996, the DFL German Football Organization 2000 or Handball-Bundesliga GmbH 2004.

Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim players protesting against fans

The footballers of the TSG Cofferdam mix continues on the Bundesliga tip. Through the 7: 1 (3: 0) edge victory on the 8th match day against Bayer Leverkusen, the now two-placed Kraichgauerinen moved to points with the new leaders VFL Wolfsburg (both 19). The TSG women also moved past Master Bayern Munich (18), who had filed the leading position by the defeat in direct duel with Wolfsburg (0: 1). In the narrow title spirit, after the Münchnerinnen Eintracht Frankfurt points out point in fourth place.