On the afternoon of November 12, Cloud9 said goodbye to Lunar Perez Periodic. The 23-year-old Croatian arrived in North America at the end of 2020, as one of the movements that were most discussed in the competitive scene. However, the star of League of Legends will return home for the next Split.

The news of Perez leaving Cloud9 is not new. A few weeks ago, a Dot Esports report said that the central lane wanted to return to Europe. Among the aforementioned reasons, we have to prefer to be close to home. Similarly, another rumor pointed to that he would join Team Vitality in a super team.

Through a video of almost 8 minutes, Perez confirms the return of him to LEC. He admits that he strange the European soil and, although his stay in Los Angeles was not bad, he prefers to compete near the family of him. Along the footage, he shared that he had already taken talks with Jack Étienne, owner of Cloud9, on the imminent departure of him. Étienne was comprehensive and supported it.

Perez recognizes the deals and attention that Cloud9 put on the arrival of him to North America. He also takes memories of teammates and technical body of him, showing a positive face of the situation. However, he also took the opportunity to mention what was given a few days ago between Cloud9, FANATIC and G2 ESPORTS. Jack has been very understanding with my situation and reasons, it has been very good with me, very kind, I would definitely have stink that we did not leave groups [from Worlds 2021] considering the investment of Cloud9 towards me, taking out from the G2 contractual prison, he shared.

By doing a short review, the condition that denied Perez was made public to sign with FANATIC for three years. G2 ESPORTS AND CLOUD9 did not suffer admonishing because it is an exceptional case, but Riot Games reprobate the clause. So, from now on, restrictive transfer terms do not take place at the Esports of League of Legends.

Together with Cloud9, Perez won the first Split of the LCS, arrived at Mid-Season Invitational and ranked Worlds 2021 in the summer. It was the only squad of North America to reach Eliminators, falling against Gen. G for 3-0. As a color data, he is the second athlete to win the LEC and LCS in the story of him. The first was Jesper Even Svenningsen.

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Perez, officially, still does not have a new house. While it is very sure that he finished at the Super team of Team Vitality, contracts must be signed from the night of November 15.

Home via Lance Sandwich / Riot Games.