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Inner sloth hXbox Series published one of the greatest updates of Among US of the lXbox Seriest months; Just a month before the expected premiere of the game in consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (included in Xbox Game PXbox Seriess from the first day). The study, which hXbox Series grown with respect to its unforgettable year 2020, hXbox Series been working for months to include developing developments that lengthen the life of one of the greatest phenomena. Let s look at all changes and new aggregates.

All the news of the Among Us update (Version 2021.11.09)

Major Among Us Update & Steam Deck Delayed - Today's News Tonight (11/10/21)
The most outstanding of the update 2021.11.09 of Among US is the arrival of new roles. The game will allow us to now choose new skills, which will make the impostor discovery process more varied and complex. All roles can be activated or deactivated before starting the game. They are the following:

Scientific : Access the vital signs at any time. Complete tXbox Seriesks to recharge your battery.
Engineer : You can use the vents.
Guardian Angel : launches a protective shield around the remaining crew companions.
Changers (Roller Role): You can transform you into any other crew companion; A kind of disguise.

On the other hand, Inner sloth confirms new comminutes, which will include payment objects -microtransaction or integrated purchXbox Serieses; We remember that Among US is a free-to-play -. Finally, a new system of achievement is added and the possibility of linking our account to other platforms, something specially designed by the arrival of the title to Xbox and PlayStation this December.

Among Us arrive at PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PS5 on December 14

Among US is available for purchXbox Seriese on mobile devices, PC, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store and Xbox Game PXbox Seriess for PC. PlayStation console players will be able to buy it from PS Store for PS4 and PS5 before finishing 2021, specifically on December 14. Equal with Xbox One and Xbox Series from Xbox Store, which will also be integrated into the Xbox Game PXbox Seriess for consoles.