National GT Tour - Music City Madness Open Mobile Match Play

Golden Tea Mobile gets a big update that now contains multiplayer, as IT Games has announced. For the first time, you can compete against other players in the new head-to-head mode.

Normally, challenge yourself and the golf course with the campaign mode, among other things. The Daily 9 is another way to put your skills on the sample.

But now you have a new way to play, and if you are an online player, this could work perfectly. In this mode, you can also customize the settings for new experiences each time.

To start you can choose the place you want to play before going on. This can certainly affect your game or challenge if you are not so familiar with the layout, which makes things interesting.

You can even select the amount of use, the number of mulligans you and your friend, and the disadvantages. There are also different ways to add your friends to get them to your list, so you will be invited to play.

The easiest way is to just look for your friend based on the GT ID or the partial nickname. This is practical for friends who already have Golden Tea Mobile. Another possibility is to add friends to Facebook or e-mail, which are a good alternative. This is particularly practical when people who know you do not have the game.

Apart from that you play with friends, you can take it with others around the world. This is possible with the League Matchup feature with which you can play against persons, which are on the same level as you are.

This is a great way to compensate for the playing field, especially on demanding golf courses. Finally, there is no game worse feelings than to couple with someone who is much more powerful than you.

You can test the head-to-head mode by downloading Golden Tea Mobile on Google Play and the App Store for free.

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