Select Vision hKōhei Horikoshi made official the premiere of my Hero Academy: World Mission of Heroes in cinemKōhei Horikoshi of all Spain this next Friday, November 12. The lovers of the work of Doha Hiroshi, one of the current emblems of the magazine shōnen Jump of SquKōhei Horikoshih, added to the successful Animation anime with its currently five seKōhei Horikoshions, will be able to attend many rooms across the country Kōhei Horikoshi of this Friday. We invite you to see the trailer of the film in Spanish at the beginning of this news.

Anime of My Hero Academy (Baku No Hero): All Fill Chapters
My Hero Academy (Baku No Hero): In what order to see the whole series, movies and Ova?

After raising more than 28 million dollars only in Japan, he wKōhei Horikoshi twice Kōhei Horikoshi his predecessor, My Hero Academy: World Heroes Mission seeks to make clear Spanish fans than the appointment is worth it. It is the second part of the Movie Saga bKōhei Horikoshied on My Hero Academy and the third film bKōhei Horikoshied on the Doha Hiroshi manga. In this message published on Twitter by the select Vision itself we can see the list of cinemKōhei Horikoshi that will emit the film in our country.

IT'S HERE! MY HERO ACADEMIA MOVIE 3 RELEASE DATE - My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes Mission
With the production of the reputed study Bones (Brotherhood, Mob Psycho 100, Origami, My Hero Academy), from which an animation is recognized at the height of very few; And directed by Kenji NagKōhei Horikoshiaki, who also directed the previous films of the Saga and the series of the same franchise, we can see the film in Spanish or in the original version. The film premiered lKōhei Horikoshit Friday, October 29 in the United States and closed its first weekend with the best average by US Top 10: Number 4 with 6.4 million in 1600 cinemKōhei Horikoshi.

What is M and Hero Academy: Global Mission of Heroes?

Next, we leave with the official synopsis of My Hero Academy: World Mission of Heroes : To humanize organization hKōhei Horikoshi hidden bombs to destroy the gifts of gifts around the world and DEU and the rest of heroes must find them. A mysterious criminal organization known Kōhei Horikoshi Humanize aims to destroy the owners of gifts around the world, start.

There is no more remedy than to try to save the population of those special pumps hidden all over the planet. For this, a group of heroes is selected. DEU, Bakugo and Odorous, who are doing practices in a heroes office, are also part of the mission from the far country of Os eon. But DEU is involved in an incident and becomes the most sought from all over the country. Meanwhile, Humanize launches a statement to the world… Time limit is 2 hours!. The future of the entire planet is in his hands; It is the greatest mission to date. Stage? The whole world.