The VFL was the more active team, Juventus defended snappy in a wild at the beginning phase, did not prevent the first chance of the Bundesliga club (smoke, 10.).

Pirelli benefits from Schult-FauxPas

The Stroot-Eleven remained superior, but first rarely managed to bring structure into play. Although Turin stopped well, but did not seem offensive over approaches — up to the 22nd minute: A steep pass slipped past Demeter past Pirelli, who looked very bad from the Hal blinker s penalty area in the Wolfsburg Gate with an unplaced flat shot.

Large counter promptly — and how

The VFL responded promptly and, too much later, Juve-Captain Gama resisted a cross by head against the penalty area, where Captain went full risk and the sank from 20 meters at right angles (25th).

In the further course, the Italians were more and more frequent in distress, the wolves developed a clear opportunity plus. In the case of cabin, June was well served by Reward (33rd) and Warmth (36., 45.) with the Remix.

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After restart, the game was more balanced and fiercely fought — a compelling possibility was wrong on both sides. The Turin in women gradually invited more force into their offensive, the VFL did not always defend saddle-resistant, but successful.

Knack lays down, Warmth meets

In the middle of the second pass, the Stroot-eleven set a counterattack, starting a long pass of Gama and played a purposeful forward: Knack had too much room at the wing and passed across Warmth, which started at the right moment and completed from seven meters (65.).

The 1: 2 pulled the hosts something the tooth. Although the Montenegro protégés were not unturned, but the VFL kept strong and was in the consequence of the more dangerous team — Reward stood close to the decision (79th).

Pirelli steals Wolfsburg the victory

Turin was hardly threatening to the gate, but did not leave it loose. In the detention time, June achieved in overview — smoke looked shortly before the traffic light card (89.) — in fact the compensation: Saskia claimed the ball against Hendrick, after her flank, the completely uncovered Pirelli made a short distance to the final score (90. + 1).

Wolfsburg (5 points) claimed second place in front of Juventus (4), but the table guide had to hand over to Chelsea (7) that at SERVIETTE celebrated a 7-0 ridge victory. On the 18th of November the VFL receives the Turinininnen to the second leg.