The Las Vegas Raiders do not come out of the negative lines. The NFL team released on Monday Corner back Damon Annette (25) after this was shown and threatened in a video in the social media platform Tikki with a weapon to kill someone.

Raiders Managing Director Mike Mayo ck said that Arnett s position had become untenable in the club. We have invested a lot of time, effort and resources to help him in all areas of his life, Mayo ck said, The content of the video was unacceptable and contradicts our values. The Raiders will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Raiders troubles continue with release of Damon Arnette
Mayo ck continued to tell the club guidance after his college career reason to significant concerns regarding Annette character. Nevertheless, the club held the draft for an acceptable risk after he had checked the player himself. Obviously we fail, and that s 100 percent in my responsibility, Mayo ck said.

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Only in the previous week Raiders Receiver Henry Riggs III had been involved in an alcohol influence with a significantly excessive speed in a car accident with death, the 22-year-old threaten up to 20 years prison. In mid-October, Raiders head coach Jon Green had resigned from a large public pressure after emails appeared with 58-year-old women and gay tiny content.