The new DLC Happy Home Paradise is finally available for Animal Crossing New Horizons, which allows players to go to work in an archipelago to design holiday homes for several NPC. It is a great DLC for those who love decorating interiors and exteriors, and also adds a lot of new features and furniture to collect. Here is How to polish furniture in AC Happy Home Paradise and what you do.

Polishing furniture in AC Happy Home Paradise

Happy Home Paradise Tips + Guide for New Players! New Animal Crossing Update 2.0, New Horizons DLC!
The polishing function is a new addition to Happy Home Paradise and gives your furniture an extra shine so that you can look more beautiful.

To unlock it, you must play the DLC Happy Home Paradise and start performing tasks for your customers. In your fourth or fifth house, just when you are about to inform the customer that your house is finished, Nike will teach you to polish the furniture.

To do this, press the L button to put on your polishing clothes. After that, simply walk towards any piece of furniture and press and hold the A button to start polishing. You can let it pass after a few seconds to give it a nice and subtle shine, or continue to keep it to get an even more obvious shine.

After that, you can start polishing your own furniture on your island. Simply press the L button to change clothes, then press the A button to start.

so that polishing is used

Polishing your furniture does not give you any real benefit more than just making items brighter and distinctive. We recommend using it on metal surfaces such as gold ingots or safe, or rock and electric guitars.

It can help your items stand out even more, making your designs even more impressive.

That s all you need to know How to polish furniture in AC Happy Home Paradise and what you do. Do not forget to consult our Wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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