Animal Crossing recovered his 3DS Happy Home Designer converting it into a massive piece of DLC for animal crossing: New Horizons. The DLC Happy Home Paradise gives you the possibility to work as an interior designer and decorate the holiday homes of the villagers to your liking. There is a lot to unpack when entering the DLC and the options for designing holiday homes are almost unlimited, our Happy Home Paradise Tips guide has it covered for all the nuances of these new features.

The foundations of working in animal crossing: new horizons happy home paradise

Once you have bought the DLC, Tom Nook will call you and explain how to get to the new island and go to work. He will fly and will be configured with a randomly selected villager for the first design of it. He will probably notice immediately that the design options feel incredibly limited, but we are going to review how it expands what he can do when decorating houses. These are the things you need to know to go to work:

The design does not have a time limit; You can continue building homes and charging until your heart is happy.
There will be points in history that will take away the ability to design; Just go talk to the character mentioned so that things come back.
The basic salary for completing a job is always 6,000 poki, even if you try to decorate.
You can leave the island at any time talking to Wilbur; It is not necessary to talk to Lottie to stop working for the day.
You must talk to Lottie every time he wishes to start working; However, after you do your first time, your character will automatically change from that moment.

Happy Home Paradise Tips + Guide for New Players! New Animal Crossing Update 2.0, New Horizons DLC!
You will receive Poki, the coin of the island, after each job. This can be used to buy items located in the main store. When playing through the game, you will also unlock the DIY vine furniture. If you want to buy a large number of items, be sure to use the cabinet at the upper level of your store to store the leftover items in the storage of your home.

Rapid Advice: Be sure not to open the doors of your airport when remodeling, as this can cause failures.

You can go to work regardless of the time of day and you can freely visit the holiday homes that you have built at any time talking to Niko.

Learn to use all design options in Happy Home Paradise

Once you overcome the obstacle of the first house, things really open. You can choose the land where you want to build the house and now you can decorate the exterior.

You can change the weather, the season and even the time of day.
If you are not satisfied with a house, you can always return when you have more furniture for a redesign.
There are different sizes of houses, and can be adapted from a cozy cottage to a larger house.
Each villager for which to design a house will add items to your furniture catalog. For example, design a holiday home for Apple unlocks furniture with apple theme.
After having built some houses, some villagers will stay together.
You can adjust the color of the room lighting and even the music that is being played.
By taking the photo of your portfolio, you can move around the villager and even dress it with a different attire.
The partisans will be unlocked in the same way; Keep playing naturally and you will find villagers who unlock different types of partisans.
Polishing is unlocked after completing some houses and will make objects shine.
You can decorate the buildings located around the main island, but to do it; You must fill the plots of holiday homes.
Once you have advanced enough in Happy Home Paradise, you will unlock the option to redecorate houses for the villagers who live on your island.

The only thing that should be accessed at the time of decorating a house are the elements that the buyer requests; Everything else is clean game. If you would like to rush through the DLC, I could even do the minimum of placing the items and taking a photo.

How to restart your villagers in animal crossing: new horizons home happy paradise

The villagers who appear on the beach are completely in the hands of RNG. If your luck is like mine, you probably have a cast of villagers who do not really like you. To reorganize the cast, simply travel in time until the next day. If you have amiibo cards, you can also choose to use them to scan the characters you really want to decorate a holiday home.

Rapid Council: When using Amiibo cards, you can even design houses for special characters like Tom Nook.

If you want to get rid of an undesirable villager, you can simply select to give a new villager your land plot. If you want to build holiday homes for the villagers in your city, you can buy a souvenir chocolate with your poki; There is even a discount when buying several boxes. more ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS Guides and articles Guides – Happy Home Paradise Guides Articles Check